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  1. Singularis

    8 Year Old Aged Tins On sale at SP Right Now While Supplies Last

    Just two varieties left, but you up to ten per order: Castello Pipe Tobacco | Buy Castello Pipe Tobacco at Smokingpipes -
  2. Singularis

    New York City Is Sinking Due To Weight Of Its Skyscrapers🗽😲

    I also just read that office occupancy is down significantly in urban centers which is a huge drain on city budgets (way less property tax from selling the office space). So maybe the problem will solve itself?
  3. Singularis

    Jim's Revised Escudo Review.

    Cosmic's musings of the ethics of this are definitely worth pondering. I purchased a tin of 2013-2022 production Escudo Navy De Luxe early on in my pipe smoking renaissance on the promise of all the rave reviews about Escudo. It's a 2018 tin that will hit 5 years old in July. I think this...
  4. Singularis

    Instant Favorites

    Quiet Nights Super Balkan Samarra 507-C Virginia Slices Luxury Bullseye Flake Mac Baren Scottish Mixture
  5. Singularis

    Smoking as a Fine Art by A. A. Milne

    Such interesting observations about pipe smoking in his time! Though I fall somewhere in the middle, I'm likely slightly closer to those trendy lads ogling over their white spots than I am to A.A. Milne's smoking philosophy. I love my pipes (mostly affordable estates) and I love the gently aged...
  6. Singularis

    A Question About Different Types of Tobaccos

    Another one similar to "that smell of my grandfather or father or uncle smoking a pipe" is the smell of someone outside somewhere -- down the street, or what have you -- smoking a pipe and catching a delightful whiff of that characteristic sweet, warm smell when the wind blows your direction...
  7. Singularis

    AI Generated TV Commercial

    Like family, but with more cheese.
  8. Singularis

    Lifespan of Pipe Smokers

    WHUUTT? No snuff?
  9. Singularis

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2023?***

    Esoterica Stonehaven would fit that bill if you can beg, borrow or sell your first born child for it!
  10. Singularis

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2023?***

    2008 GLP Westminster in my Savinelli Tre Rusticated 104 ‘Baccy gifted by @rmbittner. I couldn’t sit on this any longer and you only live once, so why not open it up? Glad I did. It’s so damn good. Deep and smooth and rich and leathery. And, yes, that is a bit of twine that came gratis in the...
  11. Singularis

    Freshly Opened Tin of C&D Bijou (2019)

    Possibly maybe. Whatever the case, I've smoked through a majority of the tin, and -- 3 months later -- I'm still standing and feeling fine! Now on to a 15 year old tin of GPT Westminster, where the tobacco looks less "fuzzy".
  12. Singularis

    What Music Are You Listening To - April, 2023

    J.J. Cale's Okie My best friend -- and fellow pipesmoker -- featured the song "Cajun Moon" on an "easy rock" (I call it "Dad-rock") playlist, and I was immediately captivated. Should be good for lazy, summer days smoking a pipe in the shade of the backyard.
  13. Singularis

    Where is the Flavor?

    If by “taste” you mean the phenomenal effect of the smoke aroma on the palate, then I guess I taste everywhere in my mouth. But truthfully, I mostly only sense some sweetness or bitterness or sourness (or savoriness and saltiness from latakia and dark fired) on the tongue, depending on the leaf...
  14. Singularis

    Warped The Red Hunt Topping?

    I smelled chocolate covered cherries in C&D John Marr and the description for that one says toppings of bourbon and vanilla. Perhaps there’s some common blending element, since they are both blended by Laudisi. I have one tin of Red Hunt and will now be very tempted to crack it open to compare...
  15. Singularis

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2023?***

    Just finished (or nearly so), a half bowl of 2+ year aged bulk Super Balkan in my Peterson Kinsale XL14 Rusticated. It's actually been a while since I've smoked this, and so glad I cellared back 2 oz, then let time do its magic on ole Super Balkan. I've loved this fresh, but I daresay it is...
  16. Singularis

    Carolina Red Flake Is Yucky

    The VAs I've been smoking most recently are 4+ year old Bijou (well, it's a VaOr with honey), and Derringer, for a nice contrast. Turns out I can tolerate and enjoy the Derringer more than the Bijou. Something about it being younger, albeit still two years old, stored in a mason jar from bulk...
  17. Singularis

    I Want To Strangle Espresso Maker Inventor.

    What brand? I have a Breville Bambino Plus. It makes near perfect espresso without any guesswork or troubleshooting. I roast all my own coffee. Less expensive than buying it roasted, and fresher, but the trade off is more work for me so I am invested in NOT blitzing through coffee just to get...
  18. Singularis

    What is a Cool, Mild, Medium-Sweet, everyday Smoke?

    Well then the follow up question would be: what does your wife think smells good? My wife likes the smell of Virginias because it reminds her of classic, natural cigarettes. She also likes aromatics, and thinks English blends often smell like church incense. Of course, that’s all outdoors...
  19. Singularis

    What is a Cool, Mild, Medium-Sweet, everyday Smoke?

    Agree. Velvet’s a sleeper that you can often find OTC.
  20. Singularis Youtube Channel

    See, I get that is being pre-emptive in their measures, and that's just smart business. And yet ... Cornell & Diehl's YT channel is still live (, and they just posted a new one about The Beast. Muttonchop Piper is still available...