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  1. skydog

    In Stock Alert: Samuel Gawith Brown Sugar Flake

    Well I usually have good luck with P&C but I placed an order last Wednesday and still haven't received shipping confirmation after 10 days. Guess I'll have to reach out and have them cancel the order.
  2. skydog

    NHL Playoffs

    As an NC native I'm rooting for the canes but I don't know if they've got what it takes to make it all the way. Also like the wild, they play some tough hockey that is fun to watch.
  3. skydog

    Bought a Guitar

    Seems like a lot of other folks have already given you a lot of great advice. I'm primarily a guitar player but have a piano, mandolin, banjo, drum kit, and other random instruments to mess around with. The great thing about no longer being in a band and just playing at home for myself is...
  4. skydog

    Géométrie... How Much Did You Order?

    I also picked up a couple tins of the Virgina Jazz at the same time as I grabbed 5 tins of the geometrie. I really enjoyed Hogshead and thought Give Me Liberty was pretty good as well. Looking forward to trying both of these.
  5. skydog

    Géométrie... How Much Did You Order?

    I am tempted as I Va/Or blends are a favorite of mine right behind my beloved VA and VA/per. I do enjoy plugs but I agree that I've never had a C&D/GLP plug that was actually dense. Triple Play and Jackknife plug don't fall apart like a crumble cake but they're not pressed like European plugs are.
  6. skydog

    New Savinelli 320KS has arrived.

    I've got a Punto Oro 320 and find it doesn't get smoked much. It's comfortable in my hand but still a rather large bowl. I've looked at the slightly smaller 321 but never pulled the trigger.
  7. skydog

    Carolina Red Flake Is Yucky

    Those are all some of my favorite VA's as well. I see you don't have any Wessex on the list, gold brick is one of my favorites but it's a plug and harder to come by. Wessex Gold Slice is another VA I love. And if you can find it, F&T Cut Virginia Plug is really solid as well.
  8. skydog

    Carolina Red Flake Is Yucky

    I Yeah I've heard interviews where Mike talks about the sugar content of their VA being high but I've never heard a number. I know he was talking about some other leaf in a blend being over 20% but it wasn't the VA. Either way I have enjoyed all the releases of CRF that I've bought over the...
  9. skydog

    Jim's Sutliff Birds of a Feather Anomalous Review.

    I'm glad I was able to grab 10 tins from SP. I've smoked a few bowls of it now and really enjoy it. I hadn't bought any other releases from the birds of a feather because this was the only one that sounded up my alley. I really wanted to try the Katerini perique so I'm glad they released at...
  10. skydog

    More Frustration W/SG Flakes

    I've never enjoyed cube cutting tobacco. No matter how loose or tight I pack it or how much I dry it I never get a good smoke. I personally never dry my tobacco anymore no matter how moist it is out of the tin. With flakes I just rub them out and pack them and they smoke fine for me. I think...
  11. skydog

    Formula for Number of Pipes Needed.

    This is the right answer. I don't need anymore pipes, I've got more than enough for smoking at home as well as some beater pipes for the road. Some rarely even get used but aren't worth enough for me to want to go through the hassle to sell them. But if a new pipe catches my eye then I'll buy...
  12. skydog

    Robert McConnell Blends - Your Opinion?

    I enjoy the Rich Dark Virginia but the rest of their VA I've tried has just been ok. I prefer Wessex or Rattrays VA. I don't smoke a ton of oriental blends but have enjoyed some of the C&D blends with orientals in them.
  13. skydog

    New in NC

    Welcome from another NC native.
  14. skydog

    Cringle Flake 2022 Dec 3rd

    Picked up some this morning. Glad to hear it is a little different from 2021. I personally slightly preferred 2020 Cringle to the 2021 batch. Although both were good and I'm glad I stashed some of the 2021 away as well.
  15. skydog

    Sad News, Harris Has Passed

    Very sad day. Like others, I didn't know him personally but I always appreciated his input on all things pipe and tobacco on the forums. He will be missed.
  16. skydog

    An Interaction with my Doctor Today

    I went to a Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor to have some growth removed. My dentist had noticed it and it wasn't related to tobacco use and after testing it was found to not be cancerous so no worries there. While in the ENT office the doctor asked about tobacco use so I told him I'm a pipe smoker...
  17. skydog

    New piper from North Cackalacky

    Welcome from another North Carolinian.
  18. skydog

    Are OTC blends really OTC?

    Agreed, in my small town in NC both the Food Lion and the Ingles carries all the OTC blends you could want as well as twists and snuff. The locally owned drug stores still carry them as well even though the chain drug store in town stopped carrying tobacco.
  19. skydog

    UK: ‘The Aim in the Long Run Is Prohibition.’

    The logical end point of it all is self driving cars and government mandated diets. Statistically you're much more likely to die from car accidents or poor eating habits than you are anything else in this day and age. I don't doubt that will be the next goal if tobacco and alcohol are ever...
  20. skydog

    Return of the Esoterica?

    Not too close to you but Pipe and Pint in Greensboro is great. They have a Winston-Salem branch as well but it's smaller and not as well stocked as the Greensboro store. JR Cigars won't be much help for Esoterica but you can find some pipe blends there and obviously a large cigar selection.