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  1. Jef

    I Finally Tried Some Lane 1Q.

    I am glad you mentioned the additive in the pouched Royal. I can definitely tell the difference between that and 1Q. jef
  2. Jef

    What EU Blend Would You Like to Try?

    What is Estervals?
  3. Jef

    Pipe Shape Choice. Idea Vs Reality

    "The quandary is I enjoy the straight more but want to love the bent shape. Four pipes in I need to make a decision and agonisingly I am leaning towards straight." I'm not getting it. Why the agony? Why do you have to decide NOW? You have two of each style. So basically have available whatever...
  4. Jef

    Show Off Your Petersons Here!

    Beautiful band, beautiful pipe! jef
  5. Jef

    Filter Adapters for New Pipes

    The first pipe that I bought was a filter basket pipe. I have smoked it without an adapter with no problems. jef
  6. Jef

    Process Of Selecting Next Smoke.

    I make my choice of a pipe and tobacco when I am ready to smoke. When I finally have time to myself with no real time constraints, that is my time to enjoy my smoke. I have four pipes and three tobaccos that I consistantly smoke. Three Petersons and one Winslow, one aeromatic and two Englishes...
  7. Jef

    Pipes as collectibles

  8. Jef

    Waxed Vs unwaxed Meerschaums

    Bees wax is used on meers to help with coloration. However, it can clog up the pores of the meerschaum. In Turkey, they get the pipe warm and then apply the wax so it gets down into the meerschaum. The tars will color the beeswax first and will eventually bleed out into the meerschaum as the...
  9. Jef

    What I Brought To Smoke On Vacation

    You are going to like Mammoth Cave.
  10. Jef

    Who Are The Real Tobacco Snobs?

    I believe that how a person spends his hard earned money is his business. However, if the individual posts a "looky looky what I got" type of post, then that person is just opening themselves up for either praise or criticism. We all have the choice on how we spend our money. So if you spend...
  11. Jef

    To Ream Or Not To Ream...

    I use a pipe knife when I feel that I need to. I always leave some thin cake. I belive it helps protect the inside of the bowl. Sandpaper works well too. Just two words of advise.....SLOW & EASY. jef
  12. Jef

    Cleaning Full Bent Pipes

    I run a pipe cleaner through my pipe after every smoke. I may load the same pipe again, but I still always run a pipe cleaner through it tha best I can. Once the pipe is cool I tear it down and clean it as thoroughly as I can. Once a month I dip pipe cleaners in some whiskey and run it through...
  13. Jef

    Finding What you Really Like

    I like 1Q alot. I have been smoking it for about 4yrs now. However, I buy an ounce of another tobacco on most orders that I make just to try. Seems cavendishes are my favorites. Haven't found anything that I enjoy as much as 1Q yet. My next adventure is to try cavendishes from other blenders. jef
  14. Jef

    Online retailer.

    Just went to the Burlington website. Looks like they are mainly cigars. They show pipe tobacco but no pipes. jef
  15. Jef

    Online retailer.

    Do they still have pipes and tobacco there? jef
  16. Jef

    Online retailer.

    JR use to have a great pipe and cigar shop in Burlington. However, I don't believe they are still there.
  17. Jef

    Looking for a Restorer: 1925 Dunhill CK Shell

    What a beautiful pipe !!! jef
  18. Jef

    Is it just me?

    To each his own. A man is entitled to his opinion. That is the beauty of America. However, another beauty is the fact that if I don't care for it, then I don't have to watch it. jef