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  1. cfreud

    Nancy Pelosi Attack

    I am smoking an old Dunhill with some delicious Gaslight pipe tobacco, mentioning this as this is PipesMagazine and being conscious of politics rules here. That said, please stop with the "Pelosi staged this attack on her husband as retribution for his stupidity in his DUI." As others have...
  2. cfreud

    British PM Has Gone....

    As an American, I enjoy/appreciate the difference in the political structures. Since the UK is parliamentary, PMs change faster than here, but for me, curiously, the office of the PM does not change. (We don't have many examples of disgraced presidents who resign, Nixon. While Ford was obviously...
  3. cfreud

    UK: ‘The Aim in the Long Run Is Prohibition.’

    Bravo @bluegrassbrian. As one who enjoys both forms of pipe smoking, we do have more in common than we do differences. We need to be on the same side.
  4. cfreud

    Burning Tobacco in Wider Bowls.

    Cannot emphasize enough @john19: Do. Not. Puff. Faster.
  5. cfreud

    Collector of Tobacco Choppers

    Thank you so much for sharing your collection. Fascinating.
  6. cfreud

    Dishonorable Mentions

    I'm glad to see GLP's Haddo's Delight here. Being a huge fan of Pease's blends (English, VAs, Vapers, Vaburs, depending on my mood), and also knowing that GLP's blends take some smoking, I want to like Haddo's. It just doesn't work for me. Given that it is one of the Pease blends that is sold in...
  7. cfreud

    Show off your cellar!

    OK, having seen some of these collections, I feel much more normal about my mere two storage bins of English-style tobaccos and a closet full of Virginia-based blends. Does having merely 30-40 pounds of tobacco make me ... normal?
  8. cfreud

    Joe Lankford passing. RIP

    I have been smoking Plum Pudding all day. Sigh.
  9. cfreud


    Thanks for the updates, peeps. In ye olde days, about 10 years ago, I sent for Cubans through vendors and Monte Cristo No. 2s, Partagas Nos. 4 or pyramids and Romeo and Julietta Churchills were (at most) $10-12 per stick. The San Francisco Giants went to the playoffs in 2012 and smoking two RJ...
  10. cfreud issues?

    I agree with you completely @anotherbob. It's just that one fights the battles one can win. And dealing with customer service generally, be it tobacco -ordering, service in a restaurant, etc., change ain't happening. Yeah, I'll take my business elsewhere, but it's a prevailing issue in every...
  11. cfreud issues?

    Bravo @pantsBoots. You, sir or madame, hit the nail on the head. In addition to the issues well noted with Pipes and Cigars, there is also the post-COVID fallout. Everything from the important stuff, like ordering tobacco, to restaurants to whatever is understaffed after the pandemic...
  12. cfreud

    The Official 2022 Stanley Cup Playoff Thread

    OK, second-round reset. Psyched to see the Battle of Alberta resumed. I think I root for the Oilers here. Meanwhile, will the Avs remember how to play hockey? Nine days off or so before the Blues. I'm writing from Vail, so most of Colorado is assuming the latest Avalanche collapse. In the East...
  13. cfreud

    GL Pease Jack Knife Plug- or Is it?

    @jeremyreeves Hip-hip hooray and thank you for the inside info.
  14. cfreud

    The West Coast Pipe Show 2022 Is Back!!!!

    Since I live on the Western Slope of Colorado, this is the show for me. Vegas is an easy shot on I-70 and 15. Love that the West Coast Pipe Show is in the fall. I must coordinate show attendance with football betting and golf. Fingers remain crossed.
  15. cfreud

    Regular Tobacco Sales?

    Every internet outlet of pipe tobacco generally can be counted on for sales around International Pipe Smoker's Day, which is February. Father's Day, coming up, usually brings deals as well. Black Friday/the ramp up to the holidays. My advice would be to be on e-mail lists of smokingpipes...
  16. cfreud

    The West Coast Pipe Show 2022 Is Back!!!!

    This would be awesome. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed.
  17. cfreud

    Free Pre-War Barling Catalog

    Wow. I don't think anyone could attempt to sell a "Jap" pipe 108 years later.
  18. cfreud

    MLB What Do You Think?

    Yes, it is very trendy to pooh-pooh baseball these days, particularly after the game shot itself in the foot by only playing 60 in 2020 and almost torpedoing 2022. Yet for all its warts (the three true results, payroll discrepancy, etc.), it is still the sport of my life. Go Giants.
  19. cfreud

    Pipe Smoking and Mental Health

    To keep a pipe lit properly, one has to breathe normally, steadily, etc. Without going into details, you'd be surprised -- I constantly am -- just how much slowing down and breathing in any difficult situation just helps everything from anxiety to whatever is troubling you.
  20. cfreud

    Strong Virginia

    A strong Virginia is somewhat of an oxymoron. For Virginia taste (be it sweet or grassy or both), try vapers. Or better yet, Gregory L. Pease has Virginias with a little more oomph (nicotine) with Kentucky. I echo the recommendation of Six Pence as well as blends like Triple Play or Navigator.