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    Freehand Ugly Virgin Chubby Worm

    What the shit. I come here to join the dogpile on my ex-wife, and I get pipe talk? Very misleading title.
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    Baptism in Puerto Vallarta - A Few Pics

    Congratulations. What a beautiful kid! The photographer did do a great job. You should sue the one that took your profile pic, though.
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    Taxes On Internet Purchases

    I'm pretty sure that since we actually have elected representatives, there's not even a rabbit hole to go down this time.
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    What's Your Profession?

    Aircraft mechanic. When you're sitting on a hot, stuffy, overcrowded plane next to some screaming brat, getting your shoe pissed on by someone's "service" animal, waiting for some guy to fix the piece of crap so you can get on with your life? I'm that guy.
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    Sad News

    More like adoption, really, but if ya gotta make it weird... 8O
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    Sad News

    I'd guess it's because MM hardwoods are considered by some to be an honorary member of the cob family. First I'm hearing of them being discontinued, though.
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    Joyoldelf Pipes Can Harm You?

    I'd say toxicity from the wood itself is the least of your worries. I'd be more concerned about toxic chemicals used in the finish or the stem. Knowing their track record, they probably use an asbestos/lead blend for the bowl coating.
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    Why Now? Cob Problems.

    Summertime humidity seems like a likely culprit. I've never had a major crack in a cob, and I suspect it's because our humidity levels here in southern Arizona don't change too awful much.
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    Just Another Day at the Airport

    Hell, that could just be any one of our resident codgers and their lovely spouse heading out for a pipe show.
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    I Just Wanted To Say.....

    Keep fighting the good fight, Jay. I suspect you've faced longer odds than this and come out with all colours flying!
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    UK Aims to Eliminate Smoking by 2030

    Good God. They were less dangerous when they were preoccupied with foreign lands to seize and native populations to subjugate.
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    Your favourite Missouri meerschaum?

    Except for the tiny ones, I like 'em all. If I had to pick one favorite, it would definitely be the Mark Twain. Buy a Twain, a couple of the Danish bits, and you really got yourself a smokin' machine.
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    Man, some Guys Have it Rough

    Well, thank God the poor, beleaguered children of Beverly Hills are finally safe from the predations of aggressive tobacco vendors. It's been a problem there for decades now. I'm sure the usual cast of rationalizers will be showing up to enlighten us at any moment now.
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    Female Beauty Icons Then & Now -- (50 years apart)

    Hap, that's not Jane Fonda, that's an actual baboon's ass. Jane Fonda was a few pictures above that one. Perfectly natural mistake, though.
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    Any Bird Watchers In Here?

    Love watching birds. Don't mind studying a broad once in a while, either. Ba Dum...
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    Aged Tins and Planes

    Airlines don't do unpressurized compartments, unless the entire aircraft is unpressurized. The cargo compartments pressurize and depressurize the same as the passenger compartment; they just don't get the same level of heating/cooling/airflow as the passenger cabin because they're packed full...
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    Tim Conway Has Passed Away

    Damn. One half of one of the best comedic duos ever. RIP, and thanks for the laughs.
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    Has Anyone Ever Eaten Pemmican? It Sounds Utterly Disgusting!

    "...I did grow up eating Rapa Scrapple..." Mmm, scrapple. Out of all the snoot-based foods, that one's my favorite!
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    Never too old... I got a makeover in Chicago!

    Lookin' good. Keep up the good work, Sport.
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    First Taste of War Horse Green

    Bubblegum?! They're not going after the vape crowd, are they? :rofl: