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  1. blendtobac

    Fans of H&H

    Viprati is a misunderstood tobacco in some ways. I never said that this is supposed to be like Three Nuns. That was assumed by the mention of fire-cured which a lot of people assumed was Kentucky. It's not. It's a fire-cured mellow Burley to add a bit of body. Some people also assume that it's...
  2. blendtobac

    Fans of H&H

    Yes, he does post here from time to time. Seriously though, thanks for the kind comments and I try to draw from all feedback, good or bad. I haven't been posting as much because I've been working on redesigning our Baraccini, Viking, Roma, Crown, and Forseti pipes, and we'll have three new lines...
  3. blendtobac

    Your First Pipe & Tobacco

    My first pipe came as part of a package. It was a red pot The Pipe that came with two pouches of Borkum Riff. It smoked horribly wet and was impossible to handle once the pipe was lit. I was ready to quit, but my father noticed it and took me to his tobacconist and bought me a bent rusticated...
  4. blendtobac

    Blenders That Use PG And To What Degree

    I find it puzzling that H&H is rated 3 since most people comment on the relative dryness of the blends. The only H&H blends with any PG are the aromatics (and there aren't that many) because the PG is used as a carrier for the flavorings. The rest of the blends contain no PG. Russ
  5. blendtobac

    Blending Tobacco with Cigar Leaf

    A small amount of cigar leaf added to Virginias can help remedy one big issue with Virginias. They tend to have a thin smoke so some people start puffing faster to get more smoke. Cigar leaf produces a lot of smoke, so adding some can solve that "problem". Also, it will add some body to make it...
  6. blendtobac

    Pipes & Cigars Debacle - Part II

    I'm not directly involved in customer service, but I've come on in other threads and posted my email address so I can help to resolve issues. If any of you run into a problem with P&C, please write me at and I will do everything I can to help you. If you send me an email...
  7. blendtobac

    Jim's John Cotton's Double Pressed Blends Reviews.

    Ask and you shall receive. Keep your eyes peeled in the not-too-distant future for an announcement. Russ
  8. blendtobac

    Which Are Your Favorite Coffee Blends

    I drink most of my coffee at work. We bought a machine that grinds the beans just before brewing. It's a blade grinder so the grind isn't perfect but it's miles better than pre-ground coffee. We use good ol' Eight O'Clock and it makes a very nice cup. Hype or not, I really enjoy Blue Mountain...
  9. blendtobac

    Tobacco Advice Request

    You could always add some Five Brothers to the Half and Half. That will kick up the N and give you more smoke, too. Russ
  10. blendtobac

    Dunhill Peterson delivered from GQ

    We just received confirmation that Peterson/Dunhill blends will ship to US retailers sometime next week. Russ
  11. blendtobac

    Your 4 Legged Smoking Companions

    Spike is a red sable Pomeranian. Russ
  12. blendtobac

    Blending Kentucky Recommendations?

    No, it was US, but it was a more lightly-smoked leaf, so it melded really well with the dark air-cured in the blend. Russ
  13. blendtobac

    Your 4 Legged Smoking Companions

    My after-work routine includes feeding and walking this little dude., and a pipe or cigar is my other companion.
  14. blendtobac

    Blending Kentucky Recommendations?

    Unfortunately, the Stokkebye Dark-Fired is no longer available, and that brings up a side note on the subject. I was really glad to have the Stokkebye so I could have access to two different types of DFK. The blending Kentucky we have on our site is American processed, which you tell from the...
  15. blendtobac

    Rumors Brebbia And Big Ben Pipes Closing

    Our sister company is the US importer for Big Ben, and I had a conversation with Elbert Gubbels with the focus being increasing the number of pipes we import. Russ
  16. blendtobac

    Hopeless search - Holy City Blend from Charleston, SC

    I'm glad I was able to help. Fortunately, that flavor and aroma is so familiar to me after more than 40 years of being around it, it was an easy one to match. Enjoy the blend. Russ
  17. blendtobac

    Murray's Tobacco

    Standard Tobacco Company of Pennsylvania bought the rights to the Murray's name and they had Lane produce the tobaccos for them. Russ
  18. blendtobac

    Who Buys Brylon? How Bad Is It?

    To the best of my knowledge, that's the end of them unless Bill can find a new company to do the casting. Russ
  19. blendtobac

    Who Buys Brylon? How Bad Is It?

    Bill Feuerbach of SM Frank told me that the company that used to mold the Brylon stummels informed him that they could no longer supply him so they discontinued them. The Pipe was made and distributed by Venturi, not Dr. Grabow and they were discontinued a long time back. Russ
  20. blendtobac

    What Is The New Date For The Regs?

    The main issue with standard equivalence will be definitions. If, for example, the FDA accepts "Virginia" or "flue-cured" as an acceptable item then the door is open, since we would be able to change bright to red or stoved in a blend and it holds up to the rule. The more specific the...