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  1. jruthledge

    Old Dominion Corn Cob Pipe

    I know this is an old thread, but I found it while considering a buy, and I figure other people will too. So I thought I'd share that I just got a Laughing King and it doesn't seem small to me at all. For comparison, here are a couple of pics next to my Peterson 314. The bowl is almost...
  2. jruthledge

    Do Bachelors Clean?

    My girlfriend wanted me to get a vacuum. She was surprised to find that I already had one.
  3. jruthledge

    Anyone Ever Smoke a Cigar in a Pipe?

    Seems like a good time to revive this old thread. I've done this myself, but only with the end, not the whole cigar. I like to blow out through a cigar toward the end, let it go out, put it in a pipe with a conical bowl so it fits in snug when I press it in, cut the extra off with a razor...
  4. jruthledge

    Dating a Peterson System Meerschaum

    Nice work! Thanks for sharing.
  5. jruthledge

    Pipe Rest for Car?

    I wanted to find a solution with what I already had around: The end of an egg carton, painted with high-temp flat black spray paint and mounted with poster putty. Works great even on gravely switchbacks. $0.
  6. jruthledge

    Dating a Peterson System Meerschaum

    Good info. Thanks, Sasquatch.
  7. jruthledge

    Read Them All Or Mostly Anyway

    I wouldn't risk it. If you introduce the bees to pipe smoke there is a strong danger that they will become enamored with pipe tobacco and pipes. They may stop making honey and spend all of their spare time collecting pipes, trying various blends of tobacco and reading pipe smoking forums when...
  8. jruthledge

    Dating a Peterson System Meerschaum

    I'm not actually sure, but I'm guessing it's African. Smokes great. My first bowl with it last night and I smoked the same blend I'd had the night before in one of my briars. There was more nuance to the flavor. Things that I could smell in the tobacco in the jar but couldn't taste when I...
  9. jruthledge

    Dating a Peterson System Meerschaum

    Now I'm going to find out how it smokes...
  10. jruthledge

    Dating a Peterson System Meerschaum

    I case you're curious...
  11. jruthledge

    Dating a Peterson System Meerschaum

    1976 it is. Thanks!
  12. jruthledge

    Dating a Peterson System Meerschaum

    When did they make these? I'm sure the info is out there somewhere, but I couldn't find anything in a search of the forums, and there is so much into out there about Peterson's in general that I could read for hours and never find anything relevant. I'm sure one of you know the answer to this...
  13. jruthledge

    My stem type? And how to fix this loose stem?

    Just a guess, but it looks to me like it might be made to take a filter. So you might add "filter" to searches and see if you find anything useful. It's a good looking pipe. Glad you were able to get it back in action.
  14. jruthledge

    Why Is Pipe Smoking Less Popular Now?

    I think you hit the coffin nail on the head there. I would guess that cigarettes are more profitable, and this is what caused the advertising push for cigarettes. it might just be a matter of getting people to smoke more. The equivalent amount of tobacco in a pack of cigarettes would take a...
  15. jruthledge

    Keeping a Deep Bowl Lit

    I've also started lighting a candle when I know I'm going to be using a lot of matches for relights. I'll relight a match on the candle and can get 3 times the lights out of a regular wooden match that way. A lot less stuff in the ash tray, less fumbling about with the match box, and I just...
  16. jruthledge

    Keeping a Deep Bowl Lit

    Experimenting with the pack is helping a bit. But the I laid out the tobacco for the last bowl I smoked in that pipe for over 24 hours before I smoked it and it made a huge difference. Much, much better. So drying is a really big factor with this pipe. This kind of adds another wrinkle...
  17. jruthledge

    How Long Can I Let My Tobacco Sit Before Relighting It?

    Don't really know, but I've enjoyed a 1/2 bowl the next day more than once. Even improved things on occasion. I think that last part has a little more nicotine to it as well.
  18. jruthledge

    My Dad's Birthday Pipe Kit (Pic)

    Great presentation.
  19. jruthledge

    what do i have?

    AHHHH! Why oh why does a collection like this land in the lap of someone who can't appreciate it! :lol: I'm really jealous about the Peterson meerschaum (upper right). I've been wanting one of those for a while. That one is very cool, in my opinion. The meerschaum on the top left with the...