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  1. timt

    My First Plume

    While opening and preparing to jar a pound of G&H Dark Flake Scented this evening, something on the flakes caught my eye. My first thought was oh crap, mold! But after a closer look under a bright light, I noticed the places that I saw sparkled. I excitedly rushed downstairs to show my wife and...
  2. timt

    Wessex Pipes

    On my recent trip to my local B&M, I saw several Wessex pipes on display. They looked good to me, nice blasted pipes with cumberland stems. I notice neither Smoking Pipes or Pipes and Cigars carries them and was wondering if any of you have an opinion or experience with them. Here is one I'm...
  3. timt

    Fresh Booty

    Made a very satisfying trip to my local B&M, Big Apple Cigar and Pipe in Forest Lake, MN. (aka King Smoking Pipes and Cigars). Used my gift card and grabbed a Dunhill Cumberland apple and some hard to find tobacco. They've recently remodeled and the place looks great. Eric the owner is a great...
  4. timt

    1966 Dunhill

    Got this yesterday. [/img] [/img] [/img]
  5. timt

    Go Chiefs!

    Helluva Monday Night game tonight. 23-23 half-time.
  6. timt

    SWRA tin date

    I just picked up a dusty, faded labeled 12oz tin of Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic at a local strip mall smoke shop. Here’s the bottom of the tin and was wondering if it’s a 2010 vintage.
  7. timt

    Comoy's question

    I see Smoking Pipes and Pipes and Cigars both have the 182, saddle stem billiard. Pipes and Cigars call it a Blue Riband and Smoking Pipes just call it Riband. They're about the same price. I assume they're the same, right? Lastly, does anyone have an opinion on the quality vs price ($145 -...
  8. timt

    What's the shortest smoke you allow yourself?

    Being an ex-cigarette smoker, one of the things I told myself when I started pipe smoking was that this will be different. I don't ever want to try to squeeze in a short smoke here and there. Now that school is getting ready to start, getting the kids up and moving, getting them some breakfast...
  9. timt

    Adding some Vulcanite to the rotation

    Looking to take a break from the all the acrylic and I don't have a bent pot. There's always a reason isn't there?
  10. timt

    First cruise on the Yacht

    Knowing Dunhills days are numbered, I snagged a couple tins of the Royal Yacht just to see what it’s all about. If you haven’t tried it, don’t bother, it’s terrible. Those of you who have, is there anything else out there that’s similar? Just wondering :puffy:
  11. timt


    Hello everyone. I've been a long time lurker and avid consumer of all the great information of the many members on this site. I figured it was time to join in and perhaps add something myself. I started smoking my pipe with full enthusiasm in Nov of '17, so, not so long but I've managed to...