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  1. deuce26

    Three Cheers For Drwatson

    drwatson was bored and posted a contest. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the correct answer and his extreme generosity arrived today. You Sir are a gentlemen and a scholar and a credit to this site and all pipe smokers.
  2. deuce26

    Observations About My Cigar Palate After Picking Up The Pipe

    Mates, I've smoked cigars for years. I moved predominately to pipes the last three years and have noticed that my cigar palate has completely changed. I used to love full body powerhouse cigars, but now find myself enjoying mild to medium cigars much more. I'm wondering whether sipping pipe...
  3. deuce26

    Easter Traditions

    Happy Easter Mates. I just finished hiding the kids Easter Baskets. Also, we play a game with our dyed eggs we call egg war where we hold the eggs and knock the ends into the other persons egg. The person who survives without a crack moves on to face another, until there is an ultimate winner...
  4. deuce26

    Thank You Jim (Fnord)!

    I had an amazing and generous surprise from Jim (Fnord) arrive in the mail today. Thank you Jim, I haven't had any of them and can't wait to try them.
  5. deuce26

    What Factory Pipes Do You Own More Than One Of The Same Make And Model?

    I know a lot of you own many artisan pipes and rare estates. However, with regard to say my Savinelli 111KS or 320, etc. I love them so much I'm thinking of buying multiples. I'd love to hear if you guys have done the same and what pipes you have multiples. Notwithstanding MM cobs....I have...
  6. deuce26

    Thank You Fnord!

    Jim sent me the following sample. It's a testament to his generosity and the magic of this site. I can't wait to try these blends. Jim, I'm going to PM you a link to my cellar. Please let me know if I have anything you would like to try.
  7. deuce26

    Louisiana Red Cliche

    Okay, granted I'm from Louisiana and I tend to like Va/pers. So, as the title implies I must like Hearth & Homes Louisiana Red right? I mean that's why I bought it....that and Jiminks review. Well, I'm not one to fall in line with preconceived notions, but this tobacco is awesome! It's right in...
  8. deuce26


    Anyone keep their eye on Craigslist? I just picked up a really nice gentleman's entire collection because he became ill and had to give it up. I'm very excited to say the least . . . although I do feel very bad for him that he had to give up this glorious hobby (he is doing better physically...
  9. deuce26

    Advice On A Bow For My Eleven Year Old Son

    Any bow hunters are archers here? My son wants to get a bow and I'm not a weapons guy. I don't hunt or know anything about this sort of thing. Where should I start? Is this something he can do safely in my backyard...I live in a traditional neighborhood! Any advise is greatly appreciated.
  10. deuce26

    GBD Question

    Mates, is the GBD Virgin line always stamped Virgin? There is one on ebay the seller claims is virgin, but not stamped that way.
  11. deuce26

    If I Like Gaslight I'll Should Also Try?

    Mates, I have been smoking off and on for a few years now. I've settled in on Virginias and Va Pers or Va Burs and variations thereof. I dabbled in the frog Morton and 965 world to see if Latakia was for me and decided it wasn't. On a whim I picked up a tin of Gaslight and figured I wouldn't...
  12. deuce26

    Morning Smoke?

    Good Morning all, I've developed a new routine of having an early morning smoke before I start my day. Right now enjoying a bowl of PS LBF. I'd love to hear your recommendations for morning smokes if that's your routine as well!!!!
  13. deuce26

    GL Pease Jacknife Ready Rub

    Mates, I haven't been here in a while. When I first started a few years ago I found I liked mostly va pers and they have been my main smoke. Every once in a while I will smoke something with Latakia, but I'm not a big fan. Recently, I stumbled across GL Pease Jacknife Ready Rub and bam....loved...
  14. deuce26

    Really Excited About My Ebay GBD 256 Bronze Velvet Purchase Tonight

    Mates, I'm pumped about my grab tonight on ebay. A GBD #256 Bronze Velvet. The pictures look good, but you never know what is going to show up at your door. Anyone familiar with this shape? Is this a Canadian? Lumberman? I'm still trying to figure my shapes out...
  15. deuce26

    Yankees Please Take Your Weather Back!

    It's too cold for this southerner.
  16. deuce26

    My Ebay Estate GBD

    In keeping with my current GBD kick, I picked up this nosewarmer GBD International Grade Shape #1971 for $20 with shipping on ebay. Feels great and I think it will clean up nicely. Generous bowl for the size. Anyone have one of these guys and can share some input on it?
  17. deuce26

    GBD Flame Grain 269 Straight Bulldog Date?

    Gents, just picked up an estate GBD 269 straight bulldog. It's marked "Flame Grain." I can't find much info on it to date it or otherwise determine if its a decent pipe. Anyone have any information they can share on this pipe? Thanks.
  18. deuce26

    Savinelli 320ks Question

    Mates, I just picked up my first Savinelli. Its a 320ks author shape. I'm mainly a Virginia and va/per guy, but on first blush this looks like a bowl that will favor Latakia blends. I'll have fun figuring it out but would love to hear input from other 320ks owners as to what blends they like in it.
  19. deuce26

    Site Ipad Text Question

    Mates, I typically participate here with my Ipad. My problem is the text is nearly microscopic and my blind ass has trouble reading it. Is there a way to increase the size of the text without having to "pinch" screen/manually zoom in and out?
  20. deuce26

    What I've Noticed About Billy Budd

    I've been smoking through an ounce of Billy Budd recently and is it me or does it burn super fast? I'm loving it, but I always feel like I've been short changed a bit even in my bigger pipes. Maybe its just that it is so good I don't want it to end.