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  1. gerryp

    Basket pipe remodel

    I was in Daytona Beach last summer without a pipe, figuring I wouldn't miss it. I was wrong, so I stopped in a local tobacco shop and picked up a $30 basket pipe. It was dark maroon with some kind of lacquer, and the grain was pretty much invisible. The bottom and rim were rusticated. "Albanian...
  2. gerryp

    I decided to try Maltese Falcon...

    ...and I think it has some type of addictive substance in it, probably crack, due to the fact that I have trouble removing the pipe from my mouth once I start a bowl. It's my new all-time absolute favorite this week. :D Any other Falconheads out there?
  3. gerryp

    Achtung: has Bothy Flake...

    ...which I've been trying to get my hands on for a while, as well as a bunch of other Sam Gawith stuff in stock. No st. James Flake though...
  4. gerryp

    My First DIY Pipe

    A few weeks ago I ordered a bent ebauchon pipe kit from Vermont Freehand. I've given cobs facelifts and done some minor restoration and reshaping of briar pipes, but this is the first pipe I've carved from scratch except for the pre-drilled holes. I decided to make a cherrywood, since I like...
  5. gerryp

    Peterson Tobacco Tin Dating

    Recently I picked up a tin of Peterson Balkan Delight that has an older-style label on the front. The back label has a 4 letter code "TCPEBD", which looks like one used by Kohlhase and Kopp but doesn't match up with any of their other codes. I was trying to determine the production date, but...
  6. gerryp

    Nice MM cobs are back in stock

    If anyone is interested, MM has their Charles Towne Cobbler and Carolina Gent pipes back in stock. I have the Cobbler and it's my favorite pipe, so I ordered a Gent. Both have acrylic stems. $23.99 apiece which is high for a cob, but you'd pay more for a Country Gentleman and a Forever stem...
  7. gerryp

    Top secret MM cob!

    OK, maybe it's not a secret but it is hard to find it on their site. I stumbled upon this pipe a couple weeks ago while Googling stuff. It's the Black Pipe Smokers Pipe of the Year, apparently made for that club to the specs of one of the members. It has the large 5th Avenue bowl and a total...
  8. gerryp

    Johnny Walker White Walker?

    I saw this in a store today and was wondering if anyone here has tried it. It says "The new blend is best served ice cold, inspired by the White Walkers beyond The Wall." Ice cold Scotch??? I don't mind that it's a little gimmicky with the color-changing bottle and all (I'm a GoT fan), but ice...
  9. gerryp

    Hello from SE Louisiana

    I've been lurking around here for a while and decided that I should be a little more social. My pipe smoking career started roughly 20 years ago. It was cut short by the traumatic loss of my pipe collection during a move. I didn't have that many, but there were several Petes including a Sherlock...