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  1. tankbuster183

    Your Favorite Brand of Pipes for a Quality Smoke????

    Nording freehand; hige bowl and you look like a son-of-a-gun walking the dog with one.
  2. tankbuster183

    Mac Baren Scottish

    I bought some Mac Baren 'Black Ambrosia' a while back and thought it was unremarkable. Aged a year or so in a mason jar, it's much sweeter than when I bought it. I guess the Mac Baren's just need time to develop.
  3. tankbuster183

    Just Learned How To Post Pics

    @Marine33: there's a sticky thread on this in the "basics & beginner" section. I used it a few months ago and it worked great.
  4. tankbuster183

    Antique Alley - On the hunt for briar!

    Awesome. I like the thrill of a good find almost more than the pipe. Almost....
  5. tankbuster183

    Cellaring Aromatics

    Okiescout, I have cellared aromatics and had good luck with it. When I started, I bought a lot of the Sutliff brands, mainly because of the smell. I think they taste much sweeter after sitting for a year. Example: 'taste of summer' REALLY tastes like peaches now. I will say this though: I...
  6. tankbuster183

    Unique historical ashtray

    I'm new to posting and this seems like the proper forum. Thought you guys might like this; my grandfather passed a few months back at the young age of 95. I took his ashtray as tribute; he made it from a spare 105mm howitzer shell after getting back from Germany in 1945. It reminds me of all...
  7. tankbuster183

    Pipe Rack

    That is an excellent idea. I have racks I barely use because they don't fit certain pipes.
  8. tankbuster183

    A Cleaning Question and Another Estate Pipe ID

    I am new to the site but not the hobby. I definitely recommend getting a few cheaper estate pipes to practice on. I love taking an old, over caked, oxidized outcast and making it look new. Also, welcome!
  9. tankbuster183


    Ironically, my name is Tim, and I do have PAD. 13 pipes since June. However.... I buy a lot of estate pipes off ebay. I love cleaning them up in the garage and having the ball game on, the faint smells of gas/oil/wood in the background. I like the hobby of it, the history behind them, and of...
  10. tankbuster183

    BREAKING: United States Congress Bans All Tobacco Products

    Wow, there's one born every minute and I'm one of them.
  11. tankbuster183

    Spring Break B&M Story (Pics)

    I thought the same thing. I hate that I don't trust anyone!
  12. tankbuster183

    Hard to Support B&M.

    This thread makes me really want to leave NJ...
  13. tankbuster183

    Luck to Have Tobacco-Tolerant Spouse?

    This was a really nice post, good for the veterans and newbies like myself (4 years).
  14. tankbuster183

    Pipe Rack

    Very true. I have a little stand alone cradle since no rack seems to fit a Nording freehand!
  15. tankbuster183

    Cornell & Diehl Morning Drive Time - review

    This is a great review. I like reading these torough reviews almost as much as the smoke. Almost, but not quite.
  16. tankbuster183

    Liquid coming through stem

    Pipe cleaners. I tend to smoke fast and get a decent amount of moisture; I get more if I am working in the yard or garage than just sitting still. But the cleaners really help.
  17. tankbuster183

    My first estate purchase - Stanwell Brass Band 95 (Design Sixten Ivarsson)

    I would say 75% of my pipes are estate pipes on ebay, my rationale being if I end up not likeing it, at least it wasn't full price. I love getting a deal, sometimes more than the pipe. Hate losing auctions at the last minute though!
  18. tankbuster183

    Just ordered 3rd pipe in 2 weeks. Might have PAD.

    PAD is "pipe acquisition disorder". That would lead to AWS* at my house; too many of these leads to SOC** evenings. * Angry Wife Syndrome **Sleeping on Couch
  19. tankbuster183

    How Often Do You Rest Your Pipe?

    I guess it depends on the circumstance as well; I use my Grabows for driving, walking the dog, fishing, etc. I don't worry about them too much, IMO, good activity pipes. My nicer pipes (well, nice for me) I only use when I sit and read for an hour, so about once a week.
  20. tankbuster183

    Pipe Smoking Success! Hope for the Newbies

    If you think about it, you can always tamp it down if it's a little too loose, but if it's too tight, that's more of a challenge. Welcome back!