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  1. jazz

    Erik Nørding Pipe Quality Control Issues

    Yep, that's a bad job alright but it seems like the Danish Pipe Shop is sorting it out quite nicely for you. I can't imagine how such an obviously dire piece of workmanship gets out of the factory gates. Surely the person who did it couldn't have failed to notice it. Perhaps they were...
  2. jazz

    Beards, Who's Rocking One?

    Mine started doing that until I started washing it with an anti-dandruff shampoo. These days, my entire head and face get washed in one go with the stuff.
  3. jazz

    Beards, Who's Rocking One?

    Anthony and I appear to have a similar thing going on. Mine is a full beard about 10 inches long with an imperial moustache. It's a pain in the arse in many ways and if I do it properly in the morning then people tend to comment that it looks "formidable". If I don't bother people think I look...
  4. jazz

    Hi From the UK

    I used to live in Cardiff and used to go to most of the home games in the late 90's and early 00's. My house was literally around the corner from the ground which used to be Ninian Park. That old ground has been replaced now, you know, with the latest and greatest and all that jazz. I have...
  5. jazz

    Peterson Signature Flake

    I have a tin of it in my modest cellar waiting to be tried. Not sure when I will get around to it though.
  6. jazz

    Is There Something Lurking In Our Beloved Perique?

    A valid concern, sensibly raised I think and it is certainly food for thought.
  7. jazz

    New pipe muting flavor?

    I have an old Savinelli 614 that does this and I have never really worked out why. It just mutes half the flavour of any blend I put in it. It actually works out quite well for some blends. Revor Plug smokes nicely in it.
  8. jazz

    Tongue Bite Question

    I found it went away after a while but I'm uncertain if that's just because I got better at being a pipe smoker in general or I developed a tolerance. It was likely both but whatever it was it has not happened to me for years. My advice would be to experiment. Experiment with different packing...
  9. jazz

    I Am Afraid My Pipes Are Ruined, Looking for Advice

    Little git. I would be livid but honestly, they are not ruined and if you keep smoking they will eventually stop tasting and smelling like it. However, I can't speak with any authority on the trace amounts you may absorb and what the consequences for your tests would be but I'm almost certain...
  10. jazz

    My Two Pennies on Rattray's Hal O' the Wynd

    Folanator is correct in the origins of the name as far as my knowledge goes. Actually, it's more of a narrow lane or meandering path. So it's 'Hal of the Lane' or something close. It's also pronounced like kind or find. I constantly hear people say it like wind. I just wanted to clear that up...
  11. jazz

    Wood at the Bottom of Missouri Meerschaum Bowls

    There is really no need. It will either burn away or go black. It just doesn't matter. Because there is no need.
  12. jazz

    Does Zippo screw up the flavor?

    Yes, there is such a thing but the only way I have found to do it is by overfilling the lighter and/or use bad quality fuel. Not all lighter fuel is created equal. Also, don't have your wick too long. With my pipe insert, I tend to have it so it goes no further than halfway up the hole in the...
  13. jazz

    That's it! I Quit!

    :D ....fair enough. I must agree with that. When I'm smoking a lovat stuffed full of my cow shit and iodine blend (Germain's Special Latakia Flake) it's obvious to everyone that I am the sexiest man on earth. If it wasn't for my bad language and bargepole I would get no peace from the opposite...
  14. jazz

    That's it! I Quit!

    May I ask? if you don't mind, why does that bother you?
  15. jazz

    Hi From the UK

    Hello from South Wales.
  16. jazz

    Random Trivia Quiz Question For You All.

    There is a lot to be said for coincidence. I can't say I would have got anywhere near it if I had not been watching that TV show recently. LOL...hang on to them, my good man. Perhaps you could use them in a future scratch and sniff competition. Little cards of guess the tobacco. Blend Bingo...
  17. jazz

    Random Trivia Quiz Question For You All.

    I'm sure I heard mention of this whilst watching something recently to do with the voyageurs of the fur trade. It may have been a Ray Mears programme about the canoeists of The Hudson Bay Company. I can't think what else it would have been if not for that.
  18. jazz

    Hello From The UK

    Hello and welcome from Wales.
  19. jazz

    Returning to Pipe smoking

    I agree with Jay. If you're not careful with those you can end up with a jar full of mould.
  20. jazz

    The Emperor's New Clothes, Musings of a New Pipe Smoker

    Yep. It's easy to get hold of here in the UK.