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  1. craiginthecorn

    Who Has The Guts to Try This Aromatic Tobacco?

    Cucumber and dried fruit. At least it’s not a garlic dill flavor. Available at Esterval’s.
  2. craiginthecorn

    Fun Discovery From My Family Archives

    I spent a few hours yesterday sifting through family photos and mementos. One that delighted me was this photo of my great grandfather, Harry Carlton Cummins working in his art studio in LaPorte City, Iowa in roughly 1888, while smoking a corncob pipe. He was an interesting fellow best known for...
  3. craiginthecorn

    It's Official -- Peterson Tobaccos Are Back

    As promised, Peterson Tobaccos have returned in April. 3Ps is already sold out at Many others are back in stock.
  4. craiginthecorn

    Blowing Smoke Up Your Arse

    While researching the effects of nicotine, I learned the history of the term “blowing smoke up your ass.” Very interesting. Here’s a link to an article.
  5. craiginthecorn

    Filling A Chip In A Horn Stem

    I just received an estate Peter Heeschen pipe with a musk ox horn stem. It turns out to have a fairly large triangular chip on the top of the stem, just behind the button. It’s not over the slot at least, but I am considering returning it because the listing failed to mention it. If I keep it, I...
  6. craiginthecorn

    Poul Winslow grading question

    This older Poul Winslow Hand Made pipe is lacking a grade, as far as I can tell. Were Poul’s early pipes ungraded or does the lack of a stamp indicate something else?
  7. craiginthecorn

    The Official Word on the Fate of Peterson Tobaccos

    I shared most of this previously as a comment in another thread, but thought it would be worth creating a separate post, as I think the information is of interest to many. Beginning sometime around April 2019, STG will resume shipping the most popular Peterson blends. The following comes from...
  8. craiginthecorn

    Anyone own a pipe by Kim Jong Wook?

    I just bought this pipe from It is by Kim Jong Wook, who is South Korean. I was unfamiliar with his work, but stumbled on it while looking for something else. I was quite taken by the crossgrain and birdseye, plus found it to be a graceful and modern riff on an egg. I see...
  9. craiginthecorn

    You Know You Have Too Much Tobacco When...

    I'll start. You know you have too much tobacco when you have it stashed in so many places that you can't find that half pound of Salty Dogs nor the pound of Lancer Slices you bought this last summer. Ay carumba!
  10. craiginthecorn

    IMCO Lighters

    I thought these were all gone, but maybe it’s just the G77R that’s gone? Here’s a link to a model that being sold at Smokingpipes. Reviews go back to 2015 and aren’t good. Anyone have one of these? Are they as bad as the reviewers say? Or are they workhorses like the old G77R? I bought one...
  11. craiginthecorn

    Finally Got a Brad Pohlmann + First Pipe From China

    I have wanted to add a pipe by Brad Pohlmann to my collection and took advantage of smokingpipes' 15%-off estate pipes sale to buy one I had my eye on. It was an unsmoked copy of the 2010 Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine POTY. I can't say enough about the quality and precision of the construction and...
  12. craiginthecorn

    Sasieni Dot Color -- Can It Fade?

    I've seen Sasieni Four Dot pipes with dots which are barely blue to obviously blue. I have just finished restoring this Four Dot Moorgate and I had fully expected the dots to change from oxidized brownish to powder blue, but if they're blue, they're barely blue. And I think I'm just letting...
  13. craiginthecorn

    The Real Reason Chose Dublin

    As many of you know, Enterprises recently announced that they were opening an office in Dublin, Ireland to make their products more readily available to their EU customers. They could have chosen any number of cities. Brussels. Paris. Copenhagen! But no, they chose...
  14. craiginthecorn

    Pleasant Yello-Bole Surprise

    I've long understood that Yello-Bole was a sub-brand for Kaywoodie, reserved for briar which failed to meet Kaywoodie's high standards in the early 1930s. I also know that like Kaywoodies, the best briar was used in the 1930s 4-digit pipes. I came across this Yello-Bole 2109 and was impressed by...
  15. craiginthecorn

    Yet Another Request for Dunhill Dating Help

    I've read through the various guidelines for dating Dunhill pipes and remain unsure about how to distinguish the 1950s pipes from the 1960s. One guide refers to an elevated suffix while the other refers to the size of the suffix. On both these pipes, it's unclear to me whether they are either...
  16. craiginthecorn

    Honeydew. Is There A Meaning Apart From A Melon Flavor?

    The description of Robert McConnell's Scottish Cake reads "Scottish Cake - this ready rubbed flake is a great favorite for young and old. Dark brown in its color the seasoned pieces may directly be tampered into the pipe or even lightly rubbed become to a Honeydew." What is meant by "a Honeydew?"
  17. craiginthecorn

    Hal o' the Wynd - correct pronunciation and background

    During my current trip to the north and west of Scotland, I've noticed a number of streets named "Something Wynd". For example, yesterday in St. Andrews, I noticed this street sign: A bit of research revealed that a Wynd is a short, often curvy street and is pronounced with a long "I", like...
  18. craiginthecorn

    We Americans live in Pipe Tobacco Nirvana

    My trip to Scotland has reinforced how lucky we Americans are to live in a country with relatively low tobacco taxes and regulation. Non-tobacconists, like grocery stores must hide their must hide their tobaccos from public view. I haven't seen so much as a list of available items. You have to...
  19. craiginthecorn

    1970s Dunhill tins

    I have acquired about 90 unopened Dunhill tins from the 1970s. Standard Mixture Full, Medium, and Mild, Mr. Alfred's, 965, Royal Yacht, Rough Cut Virginia, and Mixture 10. There's even one tin that seems to be Ye Olde Sign on one side and Standard Mixure on the other. Most tins have some amount...