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  1. bluesmk


    Evening all. Just wanted to give every Perique freak a heads up on a new vaper. I was privy to a sample of this some months ago when it was first formulated, it's a winner. First thing I thought was man this is great now,wonder what a few months tinned will bring to it. Give it shot,Rus did a...
  2. bluesmk

    New Rattrays:

    Have I been so busy that I didn't see,or notice an announcement about these. By the way the usual disclamer, Also has anyone tried any of these? Dan Gabrieli Pipes :puffy:
  3. bluesmk

    On a Cigar Note:

    Anyone hear about this: Dan Gabrieli Pipes :puffy:
  4. bluesmk

    Gabrieli Smooth Brandy:(pic heavy)

    Just finished this up, my take on Jess's #141 Stanwell Brandy. Leopard spots and Tiger stipes. Enjoy: Thanks, Dan Gabrieli Pipes :puffy:
  5. bluesmk

    Gabrieli Blast:(pic heavy)

    Hi Gents, I'm finishing up this group #5 Freehand Dublin Blast, don't do many so I wnated to show it, some fine tuning on the stem and a light constrast stain....very clen blast. Thanks, Dan Gabrieli Pipes :puffy:
  6. bluesmk

    Tolkien fans:

    Just ran into this news piece on the web, found it very interesting and wanted to share it with other fans: Dan Gabrieli Pipes :puffy:
  7. bluesmk

    Became a Great-Granfather today:

    9:30am I became a Great Grandad for the first time. Meet my first great grandchild Xander: Dan Gabrieli Pipes :puffy:
  8. bluesmk


    Having Sunday morning coffee and a bowl reading the news feeds and thought I'd share this link, and it's not what you think: Dan Gabrieli Pipes :puffy:
  9. bluesmk

    Rare tin on ebay:

    Just ran into this : Thought I heard of evrything thing back then, not this. Anyone ever tried it or know of it? Dan Gabrieli Pipes :puffy:
  10. bluesmk

    PApipeguy's pipe: PIC HEAVY

    I was waiting for some natural light. This needs a bit of nomenclature and I'll be delivering it to John after dinner. Thanks all for your supportive comments and following! I'm off for a swim with son Gabriel before dinner. Kind Regards, Dan Gabrieli Pipes [/url][/img] [/url][/img]...
  11. bluesmk

    What's Your Old Reliable OTC:

    Man the search option wasn't turning anything even close to this topic for me , so if this has been hashed out before I appologize. Well running low on my all day regulars PS Twist flake,Elizebethan, Peterson's Irish flake. Top it all off my car died, no way I'm walkin 8 miles to CI for storm...
  12. bluesmk

    Proud Dad

    Hope I posted this in the proper forum. Those of you that don't know my brand is named for my son Gabriel. This year he's a freshman at Bethlehem area Liberty High School and a member of the Liberty High School Grenadier Marching band as one of 20 trombone players. The band has been invited to...
  13. bluesmk

    New Comoy's Tobaccos:

    Anyone try or know anything about the new release of a line of tobacco's under the Comoy's label. Any knowledge as to who is producing it? Dan Gabrieli Pipes