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  1. craiginthecorn

    Father the Flame Mini Episodes

    Great little segment. Looking forward to seeing more!
  2. craiginthecorn

    Weird JT Cooke; Weird Damage.

    Jim Cooke is very much alive and well. The mere fact that the pipe is smooth tells us that it's a somewhat older Cooke. He hasn't made smooth pipes in years. He told me not long ago that ”A smooth pipe is like a beautiful woman that is still wearing her clothing." It's unlikely that Jim would...
  3. craiginthecorn

    Who Makes Your Favorite Stems?

    Lots of opinions expressed here are spot-on. I have to proclaim Peter Heeschen as my all-time favorite, in terms of his stem work. Always comfortable and with superb slots. I also have a pipe with a Bakelite stem made by Nate King that's unbelievably thin and comfortable. Jeff Gracik of J Alan...
  4. craiginthecorn

    Dunhill's Dunbar, A Well-Aged Tin For Christmas

    Durbar might’ve been RE-released by STG in 2014, but has been around for a very, very long time before that.
  5. craiginthecorn

    Esoterica: What is Your Favorite?

    Having tried near every Esoterica blend, I can say that the accusations of a “topping” are much overdone. There‘s not a single one that I’d really call an aromatic. Ramsgate, Blackpool and Kingsbridge are the closest to being aromatics, but have little sweetness and their flavors aren’t strong...
  6. craiginthecorn

    Esoterica: What is Your Favorite?

    I saw at least five bags of Pembroke at La Vita Cigars in St. Charles, IL tonight.
  7. craiginthecorn

    Fifty Estate Pipes On Sale Today at

    I believe most of the estate pipes that Steve has for sale are from one estate as I recognize many of them. I helped to sort that collection before much of it was sent to Steve. The owner took tremendously good care of his pipes and since he had many dozens of them, I expect most were lightly...
  8. craiginthecorn

    About To Give Up On Non Aromatics

    Smoke what you enjoy. Your taste may well change in the future, but if not, enjoy those aromatics anyway.
  9. craiginthecorn

    Dunhill's Dunbar, A Well-Aged Tin For Christmas

    I think you meant Durbar.
  10. craiginthecorn

    Really Struggling.

    I remember, too, how hard it all seemed the first year I smoked a pipe. Now, several years later, I can't figure out what was so difficult. Now I successfully smoke nearly 100% of my bowls packing with the the codger scoop, the three-step, two-step, Hanna Air Pocket, bend and stuff, and even the...
  11. craiginthecorn

    Favorite Esoterica Blends - Besides Penzance

    Brighton and Peacehaven, which are essentially the same blends, but Peacehaven is lightly pressed before being cut into loose flakes. Dorchester is right there, too. Cardiff is an under the radar sleeper.
  12. craiginthecorn


    I have had a bad Peterson, but I also have a dozen and a half that are good-to-excellent smokers. Even if Peterson pipes didn't offer unique features, like the p-lip or the System pipe, I am drawn to Peterson due to their timeless shapes, which is the very same thing that draws me to Dunhill.
  13. craiginthecorn


    Actually, Dunhill was one hell of a tobacconist until about 1980. I wouldn't go that far, but I have had a number of opportunities to buy Dunhill Christmas pipes at 50% off. I still don't own one.
  14. craiginthecorn


    I have quite a few Dunhill pipes. Apart from one 1927 Shell Briar, none are remarkable smokers. All are good, but not really what I would call special. The main reason I have these pipes in my collection is that Dunhill pipes are extremely handsome renditions of classic English shapes...
  15. craiginthecorn

    A Tanshell Time Capsule

    This Tanshell from 1957 is unsmoked as well. It still surprises me just how dark it is.
  16. craiginthecorn

    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    The show will happen in 2020, but it's uncertain where. Hang in there, folks!
  17. craiginthecorn

    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    Assuming that it will not be at Pheasant Run, the club is evaluating myriad options, including a couple out of the box ideas. Given the short window to find an alternative, it appears likely that the 2020 show would have the essentials like a large show floor and a smoking tent, but might lack...
  18. craiginthecorn

    In Search of GLP Bohemian Scandal 11-23-2019

    I am aware of a group of about 9 tins from an estate that I expect will be sent to Pipestud for sale. Keep an eye out on his site.
  19. craiginthecorn

    Watch City Rouxgaroux Available

    In an ideal world, Jim’s review would describe it in terms of its smoking characteristics, but without a numeric score, but I don’t think that option is possible.
  20. craiginthecorn

    German High-End Pipemakers?

    High end is a relative term. I consider Vauen to be good quality factory pipes. Design Berlin are also well made. High end pipemakers, though, would be Cornelius Mänz, Dirk Heineman, Werner Mummert, Karl Heinz Joura, Rainer Barbi, Steffen Mueller, Tom Richard, and various Beckers, although at...