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  1. jruthledge

    Dating a Peterson System Meerschaum

    When did they make these? I'm sure the info is out there somewhere, but I couldn't find anything in a search of the forums, and there is so much into out there about Peterson's in general that I could read for hours and never find anything relevant. I'm sure one of you know the answer to this...
  2. jruthledge

    Keeping a Deep Bowl Lit

    I have one pipe with a bowl that's probably about 2 1/2" deep. I like it, but it's a pain to keep lit. I've realized that packing it differently might help. Usually I gravity feed to the top, pack lightly, gravity feed to the top again, medium pack, gravity feed again and pack firmly. It...
  3. jruthledge

    Sherlock got it right! *spoiler*

    Did anyone else's jaw drop when Bumblebee Cumberbun (You know who I mean, what's his name...) was actually smoking the right pipe as Sherlock Holmes in the latest episode (S4E1)? Couldn't believe it. I saw him pull some tobacco out of a slipper, load up an oily black clay, and I was so...
  4. jruthledge

    Dottle as Absorbent Filter?

    The newer Drew Estates Tsuge pipes use tobacco in the base as kind of absorbent filter. Kind of like where the little pipe cleaner ring is on a falcon. As I was cleaning out my Peterson the other day, and dumping out the unsmoked dottle from the bottom that used to be some very nice Virginia...
  5. jruthledge

    Soaking Pipes?

    So I ran into a guy at a local shop who told me that he soaks his pipes in brandy to clean them. I asked just to make sure and apparently he just drops the whole bowl into a glass of brandy, lets it soak, takes it out and scrubs it, puts it back... until it's cleaned to his satisfaction. Does...
  6. jruthledge

    Beginner Virginia or VaPerRecommendations?

    I'm a fairly new pipe smoker and generally like aromatics, but I want to start branching out into non-aros. I've enjoyed mixing a burley with a straight cavendish and I know I don't like latakia, so I'm thinking that a straight virginia or maybe a vaper is a good place to start. What's a good...
  7. jruthledge

    Such an Elegant Bowel

    I can't understand why no one bid on it...
  8. jruthledge

    Pipe-centric Cinema

    I thought it'd be fun to start a thread for movie reviews based solely on pipes content. For example, last night I watched Sherlock Holmes from 2009 with Robert Downey Jr. in the title role. It deserves high praise for ample pipe content. Not only were there multiple pipes, they were...
  9. jruthledge

    Any other non-smokers here?

    Apparently, federal guidelines for the ACA say that a smoker is someone who has used tobacco four or more times a week within the past 6 months. It's a pretty good week if I get a chance to smoke my pipes three times. I never do four, so I'm a nonsmoker. I mentioned this to a friend of mine...
  10. jruthledge

    What do you think? Buy it?

    I'm planning to buy my first nice meer sometime soon. I know exactly what I want. A figural of a pirate with a skull in his hat and an inscrutable expression on his face - but that's about all I know. What do you guys who know more than me think about this pipe...
  11. jruthledge

    Drilling Meerschaum to Fix Low Draft Hole?

    I have a meer with a low draft hole. It's actually under the chamber and only the top of the draft hole opens to the chamber. The hole actually extends past the bowl a little, making a little spot for tobacco bits and juice to collect. I'm not an experienced restorer, but It's not a pricey...