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  1. SoddenJack

    Forums Is Hoppiing

    Going by the growth of this forum and my Instagram feed I’d assume there’d be pipe smokers everywhere, yet I don’t know another smoker in real life. Never spot anyone either
  2. SoddenJack

    Pineapple on Pizza: Yea or Nay?

    I completely agree with your calzone assesment, the bread to filling ratio is way off. Have you had a Stromboli? More like a rolled up pizza or a sausage roll with pizza fillings. Still often need to be eaten with a knife and fork.
  3. SoddenJack

    Pineapple on Pizza: Yea or Nay?

    You should really stop going to those types of clubs
  4. SoddenJack

    Pineapple on Pizza: Yea or Nay?

    Wife loves it. Probably wouldn’t order it myself, but i eat it just fine. Eat what you like. You enjoy pineapple pizza? Cool with me. You want a well done steak? Go for it. I used to really gatekeep and argue over the “correct” way to prepare and eat food, but I’ve take a much more...
  5. SoddenJack

    Questions You Hate

    Generally questions don’t bother me. Yes there are dumb questions, but I welcome even dumb questions awkwardly worded in good faith, curiosity, or as a simple conversation starter. But in the spirit of this awesome thread, there is one I hate: Can you do me a favor?
  6. SoddenJack

    Questions You Hate

    Charles Ingalls is one of the people I’ve tried to model my life after. It’s a long list that includes the greats like Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Steve Irwin just to name a few. I’ve decided that my pipe smoking is an ode to him.
  7. SoddenJack

    Questions You Hate

  8. SoddenJack

    Questions You Hate

  9. SoddenJack

    Before bed?

    Kind of like alcohol. We’ve all had a glass of whiskey as a nightcap before bed, but most wouldn’t start the day with it. Bloody Mary or a Mimosa with breakfast can start you off right
  10. SoddenJack

    User Title Ladder Successfully Updated

    More like The Sisters
  11. SoddenJack

    What Are You Listening To? ~ February 2022

    Let Down by Radiohead
  12. SoddenJack

    Calling All Trekkies! Auction Of Original Star Trek Memorabilia

    Let’s be honest. The guy that buys them, he’s giving them a sniff. We all would, right?
  13. SoddenJack

    Anyone Fancy an All Over Body Tattoo?

    Maybe if I ever join the Yakuza
  14. SoddenJack

    C&D Folklore

    I was able to snipe some at 12:01. Glad I was on the ball for this one. Only #1000 makes me feel pretty lucky to get my hands on it.
  15. SoddenJack

    Bacci and Spirit

    Just about any brown liquor.
  16. SoddenJack

    In The News

    That’s a plot point in the SYFY series Resident Alien.
  17. SoddenJack

    Another Bridge Bites The Dust ?

    We better stop before this one gets locked. You’re still my favorite on here!
  18. SoddenJack

    Another Bridge Bites The Dust ?

    Wow, what are the odds that a bridge would collapse in a city on the very day the president is there to push through his “infrastructure” agenda? Thankfully we can all sleep soundly knowing our politicians only have our best interest and would never do anything decieptful or dishonest...
  19. SoddenJack

    Hugh Hefner's Favorite Recipe: Lamb Chops

    I grew up with lots of Italians that would almost exclusively use canned tomatoes for their Sunday gravy. Besides the convenience, quality San Marzanos are better than the “fresh” tomatoes you’re getting from the grocery store in Michigan during February. With some of the older generations it...