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  1. mso489

    Twain re Pipes

    Samuel Clemons made his living from his wit, his droll humor, that gave people many happy evenings reading and many amusing evenings hearing him at the podium. However, he stays with us as a literary voice because of his penetrating insights into human nature and his ability to wrap intensely...
  2. mso489

    Backyard Visitor

    Those Mississippi tornado photos are breathtaking. It looks like its been bombed to flat ground. The human toll was awful, but it is amazing as many survived as did. It was both wide and long-running.
  3. mso489

    Hello from Florida

    Hey from North Carolina and welcome aboard. I have a cousin and his wife who Iive near Ft. Myers on the River. They made it through the hurricane pretty well, though it floated the gas cylinder on their generator off its stand. Some of his neighbors had more damage.
  4. mso489

    My New Inexpensive Must Haves

    I think I have six or eight Petersons and have found them excellent. Somehow I missed the period when their quality control seemed shaky. Mine have been work horses. I don't have systems pipes, and I have only one P-lip, but the ones I have smoke well. I "met" Brebbia when they were in a...
  5. mso489

    I Didn't Know Yello-Bole Made Metal Pipes

    I know there was at least one other maker of metal pipes along with Falcon and Yello-Bole. Maybe people better versed in metal pipes can recall who else made them. There may be several other brands. I think it was a sort of craze after World War Ii when all kinds of military gear made out of...
  6. mso489

    Greetings from Oakland

    Hey from central North Carolina and welcome aboard. I've spent some time in California -- U.S. Navy in San Diego and Long Beach with SE Asia thrown in, and Midway Island for dessert. Also various trips to SFran on duty, on business, and on vacation.
  7. mso489

    Opinion: This Forum is the Friendliest.

    Oh, and trash talk.
  8. mso489

    Opinion: This Forum is the Friendliest.

    Although online social media sets a low-low bar, I think I can confidently say that Kevin, the landlord, his trusty moderators, and a substantial crowd of members manage a commendable and convivial atmosphere on Forums. You understand as a crowd of predominantly men, there must be a high degree...
  9. mso489

    Maxwell House Does the Job

    Yeah, the good old brands do just fine -- Maxwell House, Folgers, Eight 'O Clock. Chuck Full O' Nuts is a good brand too, with no nuts at all. There's some explanation for that, but I don't remember what.
  10. mso489

    Dunhill Durbar Information

    A good match version would probably sell. I don't think the base or condiments were unusual, but the proportions were excellent. I remember it was an enjoyable blend.
  11. mso489

    Peterson's New Line is Made from Particle Board?

    I finally broke down and bought a White Spot, and it's particle board too, and smokes like a dream. Particle board in the UK is the best.
  12. mso489

    I Didn't Know Yello-Bole Made Metal Pipes

    Were these a knock-off on the Falcon design or did they come first, do you suppose? I think the "fish ribs" with little holes are an interesting approach to cooling the stem. I wonder how they work and if they work. They are collector's items, distinct and unique of their kind. Nice catch...
  13. mso489

    New Piper Here

    Hey from central North Carolina and welcome aboard, and thank you for a detailed introduction and interesting biography.
  14. mso489

    New Savinelli 320KS has arrived.

    From reading Forums, I think the 320 may be the most popular Savinelli shape. I have a lot of Savinelli pipes, but for an author, I chose the Luciano version because it is somewhat lighter weight but has the same big chamber. But I think the vote goes to the 320 for sure.
  15. mso489

    Savinelli Is Messing Up Badly

    Maybe if people raise a ruckus, Savinelli will get back on the right track. Peterson went through a time when quality control seemed to get spotty, before Laudisi bought it. I have long appreciated good quality at moderate prices from Savinelli, and excellent smoking all the way, and I hope...
  16. mso489

    Could This Be Restored?

    In the stem department, chasing' can raise the dead. No sacrilege meant.
  17. mso489

    ??? Gbd pipe

    And his last word were, "I wish I had time for one more bowl of Black Frigate." Actually, that was Kit Karson who said he wished he had time for one more bowl of chili.
  18. mso489

    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2023?***

    GLP Barbary Coast -- cube cut burley with Virginia, Perique and a bit of brandy, in a Stanwell 242 pot. My big gray cat is directly behind my PC taking a bath. I call him the Engineer for his opening doors and operating cat toys, and also the cloud of love.
  19. mso489

    Captain Black Platinum

    Captain Black put me off so long ago, I can't remember why. I like four or five pouch blends, maybe more, but not that one. I was intrigued by Grape, but not enough to overcome my aversion. I think maybe the closest I come is Borkum Riff Bourbon which I find pretty good, but not good enough...
  20. mso489

    Another Level Of Snobbery.

    For several health reasons, I've resigned myself to decaf coffee, though I'd prefer the regular leaded of course. Decaf is hot and I think after decades and decades of caffeinated, I get the psychological effect of kick out of it if I let myself. My remaining coffee pleasure, which doesn't...