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  1. petes03

    What are Your Hobbies?

  2. petes03

    Ruminations on the Stain of a Lee

  3. petes03

    I need more information about my pipe

    If you found that in your house…… you might want to salt and burn it, then call an exorcist…..
  4. petes03

    What, Please, is this Castello Worth?

    It’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay…. I’d say it would go for around $250 at auction. Maybe as high as $300, but I have seen auctions go much lower than I would have thought on pipes like that……
  5. petes03

    Got Milk? Apparently Not

    I love all God’s animals. They go great with potatoes and green beans……
  6. petes03

    The Obligatory Newbie Thread: Dunhill

    I have exactly one Dunhill, a “Root” Oom Paul. That pipe, if bought new, would be a grand, though I didn’t pay that much for it. That being said, my mid to upper end Italian pipes such as Ardor, Castello, Caminetto, Radice, etc and my artisan pipes all put it to shame.Don’t get me wrong, It’s a...
  7. petes03

    And There Was Me Thinking Only Brits Were Eccentric.

    Did you notice that the girl that won is American though……😏
  8. petes03

    School me on Pipe Cleaners

    P.S. The Castellos have a very springy wire in them which is kinda nice.
  9. petes03

    School me on Pipe Cleaners

    Yup, the Zens are probably my least favorite. For small diameter I like the BJ Longs that come in the bags (they’re a little different than the ones that come in bundles), the Castellos are really good as well. Tom and Jerrys and Dills are decent as well. For large diameter I really like the...
  10. petes03

    Early Anniversary Gift!

    Thanks guys!
  11. petes03

    School me on Pipe Cleaners

    Take your pick….. They all work, just some better than others.
  12. petes03

    Tamping Just Outside Nashville

    Welcome from another Tennessee boy!
  13. petes03

    Cellar Building Method.

    Cellar building method…… 🤔 Buy lots of tobacco….. lots and lots of tobacco…..
  14. petes03

    Early Anniversary Gift!

    I sent her a bunch of pics of different ones I liked a while back and she picked the one she liked best.
  15. petes03

    Lets See Your High End Collections

    That’s probably the prettiest meer I’ve ever seen!
  16. petes03

    Lets See Your High End Collections

    I’ll take one in each color….
  17. petes03

    Early Anniversary Gift!

    My Wife surprised me this morning with this! A new Castello Old Sea Rock! Our anniversary isn’t for another month….. She’s a beauty, and so is my wife!
  18. petes03

    Show Us Your Savinelli Pipes!

    I’m down to just two…. A 614 Roma Lucite And a Grade 8 Autograph
  19. petes03

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2022?***

    Just got home from work. Relaxing with some GH Scotch Flake in an Ardor Meteora Fantasy Apple with a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Ale on the side.
  20. petes03

    Who Smokes while Playing Guitar?

    These two guys….