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  1. disinformatique

    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    Daffodils - William Wordsworth I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the...
  2. disinformatique

    Show Off Your Christmas Pipes Here!

    As the old threads have been closed for the same topic. Starting a new one with the hopes this one isnt closed by the Forum Overlords. Here are my Christmas Pipes. Peterson Christmas 2014 B35 Peterson Christmas 2015 999 Peterson Christmas 2016 XL90 Peterson Christmas 2017 X220 Peterson...
  3. disinformatique

    Show Off Your Petersons Here!

    Peterson Christmas 2016 XL90 Peterson Christmas 2017 X220 Peterson Christmas 2019 606
  4. disinformatique

    Peterson Christmas Pipes 2020.

    IMHO 2019 and 2020 Christmas pipes are a lazy job. Apart from that copper band, its just unappealing.
  5. disinformatique

    Hello from ottawa

    Welcome to the forums !!
  6. disinformatique

    Peterson 2019 Christmas Pipes

    Not liking the rustication at all !! Compared to 2014 till 2018, they are just ugh !!
  7. disinformatique

    Stamping Company Logos on Ebonite & Acrylic Stems (video set)

    Thanks George for posting and sharing the process and technique. Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  8. disinformatique

    George's Secret Margarita

    Popped up on my FB feed, George's Secret Margarita Recipe Repairing a Broken Pipe Repairman -- The best method in summer weather Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  9. disinformatique

    Birthday Smokes

    August 30 is my birthday. Took a day off, away from the work, but ended up managing work stuff on the phone till late into the night (I am in India so its already Aug 31) Finally settled and filled up my Peterson 406 for John Aylesbury with The Raven, tasted acrid. Chucked the pipe back on the...
  10. disinformatique

    What’s Your Favorite Pipe Shape for English?

    I am smoking Bill Bailey's Balkan Blend in a medium size bent egg by Daniel Mustran. Chris :puffpipe:
  11. disinformatique

    What’s Your Favorite Pipe Shape for English?

    An Italian briar flame grain straight billiard with a lenticular shank, sandblasted exactly 4.5 times and a chamfered bowl. 4.75" in length, 1.45" chamber depth with an exact inner diameter of 0.764". Must weigh exactly 1oz with a saddle stem made only of 16 swirl SEM Limited Edition...
  12. disinformatique

    In Praise of Bones

    @anotherbob There's enough profit in them if you know bulk prices. Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  13. disinformatique

    Comoy's Extraordinaire 100

    Holy COW Batman !! I dont smoke big pipes but I want this one in my collection and rotation !! Cheers, Chris
  14. disinformatique

    What would you pick up in Dublin?

    Women !! definitely those and a few pipes !! :rofl:
  15. disinformatique

    My Happy Anniversary

    47 years !! Holy Cow !! Congrats on the Anniversary and that Smyrna is sublime. Please give my regards to Mrs. Shikano as well. Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  16. disinformatique

    What’s Your Favorite English?

    British English is my favorite english, down here we still the Queen's language :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I havent smoked enough blends but out of which I have, I love Quiet Nights by Pease the most !! Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  17. disinformatique

    why va?

    Why Not? I think you havent smoked enough VA VaPer VaLat VaBur at this point thats why you're thinking on these terms. Also remember can't have cake daily. Even if you're married to a SuperModel you WILL get tired of her s**t eventually. It's good to be eclectic and try everything. Smoke...
  18. disinformatique

    A Big Thank You To All That Helped Out Muttonchop

    Good news, I haven't been following youtube for a while because of work. I have hardware laying around in the US, could have sent him, but looks like the issue got sorted out. Cheers, Chris
  19. disinformatique

    A True Gentlemen

    A Very Fine Gentleman and a stunning pipe. Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  20. disinformatique

    The Fine Art of Tamping

    Tamping makes a whole world of diffeence for a smoke !! Cheers, Chris :puffpipe: