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  1. rmbittner

    Stokkebye's Nougat

    Nougat was sold in Tinder Box shops as North Sea, and I smoked a lot of it when I worked there in the mid-80s. When we were on duty, we could smoke, free, from any of the jars on the tobacco bar. North Sea was TB’s most popular blend nationwide, so it was my “light it and forget about it” blend...
  2. rmbittner

    Bold Tobacco w/ Lite Nic

    BM is a rich and mellow English. RR is a very oriental-forward VA/oriental; it’s been a while since I’ve smoked it, but I don’t recall any latakia presence. If it’s there, it’s quite muted. The orientals are spicy and, for me, sharp. Although I enjoy orientals, RR was a bit too much for me.
  3. rmbittner

    Tobacco Rotation?

    I keep hearing people talk about their tobacco rotation, but it’s never really explained. By how many degrees, and how often, should I be turning my tins? ;)
  4. rmbittner

    New Mexico Raises Tobacco Tax

    Since Since the vape store already stocks at least some actual tobacco products, I’m wondering how the owner would respond if you were to ask that they stock specific blends you’d actually want to buy. You might have to pass along contact info for the distributors, but maybe they’d be willing...
  5. rmbittner

    Harvard Independent Story on Leavitt & Peirce

    That pipe has some really interesting grain!
  6. rmbittner

    Mini Tobacco Tins

    You’re missing out, then. That’s why so many of us store our tobacco in Ball jars.
  7. rmbittner

    Mini Tobacco Tins

    For some reason, I expected to see a post about the small-tin sampler packs that Dunhill used to offer at Christmas in the early 1980s. As I recall you could get a Christmas-themed sleeve of 6 blends in small tins—complete with tin art—that maybe held .5oz each of Dunhill’s top sellers.
  8. rmbittner

    Learning different tobaccos / "Pure" Blends

    To expand on your expansion… Orientals can be tricky these days. There are a number of varietals (I couldn’t begin to say how many), and each one has a distinctive flavor profile—Izmir, Yenidje, Basma, Smyrna, Drama, etc.—which can range from spicy to acrid, sweet to floral. But often they...
  9. rmbittner

    This (Idaho) is What it's all About.

    I absolutely empathize with those “special moments” when the pipe, the place, and the companions all come together. But you couldn’t pay me to spend much time in that locale! I much prefer civilization. :)
  10. rmbittner

    Local B&Ms

    Although 2.5 hours doesn’t sound like fun, those are two terrific shops to call “local.”
  11. rmbittner

    You ole Codger...

    I’m not a fan of the word as a descriptor of tobacco blends because it seems to focus exclusively on American over-the-counter blends. If that’s what’s being discussed, that’s fine. But if we really mean any OTC blend—sold and enjoyed in any country—then I think “OTC” is more inclusive.
  12. rmbittner

    Neat Tin

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen old Edgeworth tins, and I never once bothered to notice that this was an American blend. The name, the tin art, and the fact that it was a flake all suggested “British” to me. Amazing. If any other US blenders were producing flakes in the 1940s, I’m...
  13. rmbittner

    Bold Tobacco w/ Lite Nic

    Not for me. I love Black Mallory, but consider it a smooth, rich English with a moderate latakia presence. It has cavendish, which for me usually means it’s less bold.
  14. rmbittner

    Bold Tobacco w/ Lite Nic

    You asked how GLP Odyssey compares to Embarcadero… Odyssey is a latakia-forward Balkan, which puts the latakia and other orientals in the foreground; the Virginias provide background/foundation. If I’m remembering correctly, Embarcadero is a Va/oriental with no latakia at all. (The oriental...
  15. rmbittner

    1792 Flake by Samuel Gawith

    I don’t share your fondness for the “crowd-pleasing” blends, and I don’t always agree with your assessments, but I am continually impressed by the inclusive and esoteric approach you take to tobacco. You seemingly have no prejudices about what you’re willing to try, and that is inspiring…and...
  16. rmbittner

    Bold Tobacco w/ Lite Nic

    Interesting question! Typically, I equate “bold” with nicotine, which I only enjoy in small to moderate amounts. (HH ODF was too much for me. Stonehaven is just right.) But would a latakia-forward blend be “bold” for you? If so, maybe something like GLP’s Odyssey would fit the bill. For me...
  17. rmbittner

    Savinelli Pipe

    I have a great appreciation for Italian pipes, but my tastes have always veered toward Ascorti, Radice, Castello, Capitello, Caminetto. I’d been turned off to Savinelli due to the first Sav pipe I bought being unusually heavy for its size and tasting, literally, green, as if the briar hadn’t...
  18. rmbittner

    What is a Cool, Mild, Medium-Sweet, everyday Smoke?

    Yes: Both blessing and curse. ;)
  19. rmbittner

    Which Tobacco after Which Meal?

    What I was trying to say but which you said better.
  20. rmbittner

    What is a Cool, Mild, Medium-Sweet, everyday Smoke?

    As others have noted, so far you’ve been smoking aromatics. There is a wide range of blends in this category, some that put flavorings/aroma forward and some that put tobacco forward. So far, you’ve focused mostly on those that emphasize aroma (for those around you) over tobacco—with Autumn...