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  1. MikhaelDavid

    Flint And Steel.

    With the number of relights I do, one bowl would take 3 hours if I didn't have instant flame :)
  2. MikhaelDavid

    What Are Some Disqualified Pipe Brands For You?

    I think I would not get another pipe from Norhern Briars unless I have the opportunity to inspect the pipe first. The drilling was off so I had to make some alterations with a dremel to be able to pass a pipe cleaner. The silver ring was different to what I chose, though I also liked the one I...
  3. MikhaelDavid

    If You Could Only Have 7 Tobaccos.. Which Ones Are They?

    HU Soraya HU Oriental Sunrise HU Nyala HU Asmara Presbyterian Peterson EMP Peterson MM965
  4. MikhaelDavid

    Desert Island Thread

    HU Asmara, HU Soraya, HU Nyala would be my choice for the time being.
  5. MikhaelDavid

    Anyone Play Video Games?

    Lately I've been playing Division 2.
  6. MikhaelDavid

    Tobaccos from Estervals That Are A Must Try?

    HU Nyala is also good, a blend of red virginia, burley and cigar leaf.
  7. MikhaelDavid

    Anyone Play Video Games?

    I'm playing Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint these days. Great tactical shooter games with modern day weapons.
  8. MikhaelDavid

    Thinking About Switching to a Safety Razor -Any Advice?

    I use two sets from Mühle Rocca series, for face and body. I would definitely recommend changing to DE razors, especially for body, so much better (and stylish of course) :)
  9. MikhaelDavid

    What are You Reading Now?

    The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
  10. MikhaelDavid

    California Customers at P&C...It Has Begun.

    That's the way it runs in Germany, having to upload a government ID and having to sign for packages containing tobacco I mean. I think a control mechanism is ok as long as availability and prices don't get influenced.
  11. MikhaelDavid

    Go To Pipe Tamper

    That one is the model Calumet from Forge de Laguiole.
  12. MikhaelDavid

    Go To Pipe Tamper

    I enjoy collecting and carrying knives. Those two get used more often than the others.
  13. MikhaelDavid

    What Do You Carry in Your Pockets?

    An EDC tread, lovely, we should do that more often :) At the moment: Usually the knife rotates between various folders and Bark River EDC sized fixed blades.
  14. MikhaelDavid

    First-Year Pipe Smokers' Favorite Tobacco So Far

    I would also say the Presbyterian Mixture. I find it tasteful, and not too strong on latakia.
  15. MikhaelDavid

    Your Hidden Gem Tobaccos! Time to Share ‘Em.

    I think HU Tobacco Asmara deserves more attention.
  16. MikhaelDavid

    On The Question Of Quality

    Well there is the saying "I am not rich enough to buy cheap things". Though I think most struggle we are having these days is not the cheap vs good enough, but the good enough vs nice to have. For my hobbies, if I can afford it, I go for nice to have. We all know finding excuses to do that is...
  17. MikhaelDavid

    Latakia-Light Blends

    I also do not like the latakia overpowering the taste which leads me to oriental forward Englishes. Among those Presbyterian Mixture is my favorite. The jar smells heavenly!
  18. MikhaelDavid

    What Brought You To The Pipe?

    LOTR and my love for rituals and quiet moments.
  19. MikhaelDavid

    Early Morning Pipe Question

    I smoke English blends and in my experience EMP is a good choice for the raised concern. Presbyterian Mixture is another good one. I like how my beard smells after a bowl.
  20. MikhaelDavid

    RIP Christopher Tolkien

    Very sad indeed. They will always be remembered.