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    Pipe clubs in Maryland

    Yo Hun - welcome from Chadds Ford, PA. There is an active group based in Baltimore. They are a merger of the Chesapeake and Baltimore Pipe Clubs. They ZOOM weekly and occasionally get together for BBQ. COVID has hampered live meetings. COVID has likewise stalled Christopher Morley's PC in...
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    Male Socializing/Outlets/Clubs/Etc.

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned pipe clubs, or for that matter, cigar lounges. Many of the B&Ms that I've visited develop a corps of regulars. In most now, sports bar type big TVs provide a focus, particularly for sports lovers. The Philly area has always been a sports town, and the Eagles...
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    Will These J.F. Germain & Son Ghost?

    I personally like the Latakia ghost when I switch to straight VA, especially the lighter golden ones. As for the Esoterica/Germain toppings, I believe the underlying tone is from the casing, which is like some German blends may be using anise in the early preparation of the leaf.
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    Sad News, Harris Has Passed

    I've been tied up for a couple of months and spending much less time here or on forums, so I'm just now catching up to this sad news. Thank you, Mark, for letting us know, and also for representing us at his funeral. I echo the many who also appreciated Harris's vivacity and knowledge. hp les
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    Hello from Pennsylvania :)

    Yo bare - welcome! You may want to tap into the Lehigh Valley Pipe Club over in Bethlehem. Usually fourth Tuesdays at The Wooden Match, though the holidays sometimes muddles the schedule. hp les
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    Magnum Opus?

    Yo Mak - Magnum Opus is the blend that the great Russ Ouellete blended for himself when Sobranie left the market.
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    Pipe Club Lancaster PA

    Yo TIM - whether we are out on the porch or in the basement depends on the weather (good forecast) and folks attitude about whether they want to be outside. Usually the club opts to be out if the temps are at least in the 50s and not windy. hp les
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    Pipe Club Lancaster PA

    Yo Cho - LVPC is usually 4th Tuesdays. which is often also the last Tuesday of the month. We're meeting next week the 25th. Folks come and go starting 6ish, but 7:00 was the formal starting time. Hope to see you. hp les
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    Pipe Club Lancaster PA

    Yo Bri - some members of the Lehigh Valley Pipe Club in Bethlehem come from Delaware, Chester County and Lebanon. The drive is good for a Group 5 bowl. hp les
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    The Popsicle Stick Trick

    Yo geo - your rationale is very well thought out - not overthinking at all. You mention that each end of each stick is good for up to 4 uses. Do you think a purist would dedicate the popsicle sticks, at least for aromatics vs non? hp les
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    Ni hao from Philly

    Yo Cho - welcome from Chester County. Hopefully when Christopher Morley's PC gets back to meeting in Center City, you will join us. hp les
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    Hello from Pocono Mountains

    Yo Bry Welcome from Chester County. Are you within striking range of Bethlehem? That's where the Lehigh Valley PC meets, and several members come down the mountain. hp les
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    New Presbyterian Flake?

    Cool beans. One way to work through the apparent FDA ban on new pipe tobacco products is to take existing recipes and process them differently, such as pressing, roping or plugging them. The FDA restrictions are formulas and compositions. Of course, who knows how much stretch there is in...
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    Removing Carbon Buildup on Rim

    Picking up on the suggestion of coffee, it's surprising how well tea cleans, especially oily based dirts. And tea won't stain light colored substrates as much as coffee does. I would guess the tea oils and enzymes help with the cleaning power. hp les
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    Greetings from Pennsylvania

    Yo id - welcome. Which part of PA are you? I'm from West Chester and am a member of Christopher Morley's PC in Philly and Lehigh Valley PC in Bethlehem. Also hit the Northern NJ Fellowship of Pipe Smokers which meets at the JR Cigars in Whippany. hp les
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    Love That Brand

    Back to the OP, for houses that process their own leaf (as opposed to mixing together purchased raw materials), the casings they use at the very beginning with their source Virginias and burleys tend to be standardized for the house. Casings could be maple syrup/sugar, anise, molasses or simply...
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    Nording Question - Pics Included for jpmcwjr

    Yo Fur - that off center bowl is so far off that I think it was deliberate. A feature then, as opposed to a bug. To my eye, it gives a pleasant asymmetry.
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    Pipe club?

    Yo Cos - just an update re: " is another - The Sacramento Pipe Collectors' Assembly (or SPCA) is the pipe club for Sacramento, California. The SPCA is a very informal group, and we meet twice a month, on the third Thursday of the month, at 6:00 p.m., and on the last Sunday, at 1:00 p.m. We...
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    Zippo Butane Pipe Inserts

    I ordered a Z-Plus soft flame butane pipe lighter insert from P&C a few years ago and have been very pleased with it. An advantage it has over the Thunderbird is the transparent fuel cell, so you can see how much fuel is left. Curiously, even Walmart appears to carry it - Robot or human? -...
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    Hello from Philadelphia

    yo Gab! Welcome from West Chester. When Christopher Morley's Pipe Club recovers from COVID, we hope to resume our decades-long run of monthly meetings. We have a FaceBook Page so you can catch up. hp les