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PipesMagazine.Com Tobacco Sell, Swap & Search Forum Rules:

- Maximum 10 items to a post.
- No commercial vendors. IE this section is not available to vendors with a brick and mortar store OR a webstore. This section is for hobbyist forum members only.
- This section is for tobacco blends ONLY. Please post pipes and accessories in the appropriate section
- "Wanted to buy (Blank)" ads ARE ALLOWED in this area. Be reasonable in your expectations.
- No Ebay auction links are allowed in an ad.
- A member must have a minimum of 100 valid posts to create an ad (i.e comments with some substance)
- A member must be in good standing for four months prior to posting an ad
- Members may post only one ad per week, with a maximum of six items in a single ad
- The sale price must be clearly listed for each item. No offers only, silent auctions, etc. Please complete any offers or bartering via Private Message. Pipe or tobacco discussions should be completed in those sections, not in the Sell/Trade area.
- We suggest that all shipping include a means of tracking the package (USPS Priority, etc.)
- All ads must include in the title, the date of the post. Ads without dates will be deleted.
- All forum sales and trades are strictly between agreeing members and bears no responsibilities.
- Any deceitful or dishonest ads/tactics will result in immediate removal from the forum
- is not responsible for any trades or sales. Completion of a transaction is solely between the agreeing members.

For deals crossing international borders:

- does not condone the circumvention of any laws, the avoiding of applicable taxation, or the sharing of methods for getting packages through Customs by deception.
- Any discussion of methods for the circumvention of taxes, Customs, or the violation of laws will be immediately deleted, and the Member will receive a warning. A second instance could result in that Member being banned from

As a courtesy to everyone, members who post an ad should:

- Once the transaction has been completed, please REPLY IN THE THREAD, so everyone can see that the item has been sold/traded, etc. - Ask that the thread be deleted. It if is not deleted within 24 hours, PM me a moderator.
- Ads left open after six months may be deleted at the discretion of the moderators

Performing these two simple courtesies will facilitate the keeping this section of the forum organized and free of extraneous, out of date, and completed trades/sales/swaps; making it much easier to be utilized by everyone.