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  1. zonomo

    Help Identify a Lighter

    Thanks unkleyoda.
  2. zonomo

    Help Identify a Lighter

    Well dang, I guess I can't remember how to post a pic..
  3. zonomo

    Help Identify a Lighter

    Hi everyone - been away for about 2 years. I seem to recall someone here told me where this lighter was made. I only know it is made in Oregon but I dont know what company. I need to send it in for repairs. Any help would be appreciated. Edited by jvnshr: Picture link fixed.
  4. zonomo

    24 Hours Without a Cigarette...

    First off congrats. Secondly, the OP is not an idot, he's asking for help and advice. Idiots don't do that. Unless you've been addicted to a chemical, you're in no place to berate someone. My guess is that many people here have an addiction to either sugar and/or carbs but make no mistake, it...
  5. zonomo

    Austin Pipe Shop - walking distance

    Hey everyone - does anyone have a good Pipe shop in downtown Austin? I am there Weds - Friday but not renting a car so I'll be on foot. 6th and Congress area. Thanks everyone. Z
  6. zonomo

    Latest Commission- A Rad Davis Calabash

    Wow! I love the top bowl part.
  7. zonomo

    Another Non-Aro Try - Another Strike Out

    I think thats why I am trying so hard but I'm getting over it.... :mrgreen:
  8. zonomo

    No One Said Anything About My Pipe Smoking!

    I had this exact same thing with some guys I shoot with. It sort of feels funny thought to light up that first time.
  9. zonomo


    I love their aros and don't remember how much I paid for the 1 lbs of Berry Cobbler and Smokers Delight.
  10. zonomo

    Mastercraft Pipe Originals Virgin - Image Heavy -

    I love that shape. I bet its quite comfortable.
  11. zonomo

    Another Non-Aro Try - Another Strike Out

    :rofl: Not to open myself to massive flaming and gnashing of teeth but Scotch has never touched my lips. What am I missing? I'd love to try some. - Signed, the hopeless Aro non-Scott Drinker
  12. zonomo

    Another Non-Aro Try - Another Strike Out

    I have - its one of my favs and I like to blend it with 1Q.
  13. zonomo

    My Dracula Collection

    Very very cool. I love mine.
  14. zonomo

    Another Non-Aro Try - Another Strike Out

    When I ordered my last pipe, the fine folks at gave me 2 small smaples of tobacco to try. One of them was Button Bay and the other was Prairie Wind. Being an Aro smoker and having tried HH Mature Virginia three times and 2 English Blends twice and truly hating the experience, I...
  15. zonomo

    Really Bad Men's Fashions of the Past

    Anyone remember Angel Flight pants? High waisted polyester bell bottom with built in seam? I had about 3 pairs of them.