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  1. zitotczito

    Sutliff Cringle Flake 2020

    Very interesting that P&C had this back in stock and congrats to those that got some. I made an order for 8 tins on 11/20/2020 and then decided I wanted more and made another order for 5 tins on 11/21/2020. They filled my order for 5 tins and were showing my 8 tins order as pending for weeks...
  2. zitotczito

    Union Square, Newminster Superior Navy Flake, and St. Bruno

    I am a fan of Union Square and always have been. I keep a good supply aging at all times.
  3. zitotczito

    G. L. Pease: Cumberland & Samarra 20th Anniversary

    I picked up 3 of the Cumberland and 5 of the Samarra which is the one I like the most.
  4. zitotczito

    Ever Take A 25 Tin Flyer On Something You Have Never Smoked?

    Well, this is the first one that I ever got 25 tins of. I just have a very good feeling about this one.
  5. zitotczito

    Samuel Gawith - Hansom Flake

    I am not a particular Lakeland fan but this seemed to say get it so 10 tins on the way.
  6. zitotczito

    Why Cellar Pipe Tobaccos?

    Because I can and I just adore getting boxes in the mail.
  7. zitotczito

    Dental Woes Continue-Now in Braces for Two Years

    As I have mentioned before I have had dental problems to deal with. Three teeth with broken roots removed and the Surgeon and Periodontist recommended I get my teeth straightened before they would do two implants. I have now had the bone grafts done and all have taken, are perfect and I had the...
  8. zitotczito

    former lurker

    Welcome, the more the merrier.
  9. zitotczito

    Rattray’s Wallace Flake - Who Digs It?

    I enjoy it as a change of pace.
  10. zitotczito

    "Out of Stock" Becoming the Norm?

    That's why I buy practically everything when available, not out of stock for me. :sneaky:
  11. zitotczito

    MB Old Dark Fired Plug Cut

    Well I am up to 14 tins so I will see you all in a year when my store again is open.
  12. zitotczito

    Drucquer & Sons Rust

    Darn, I have quite a few cans of various blends.
  13. zitotczito

    Zippo Pipe Lighter

    I just got a Zippo and so far like it.
  14. zitotczito

    Storage of 250g boxes

    Same for me and I stack them standing up.