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    Cleaning vs Restoring

    Are the stems oxidized? An oxidized stem will give a bitter or sour taste. An oxidized stem will be grey, or gray/brown, and will taste off if you just put it in your mouth without smoking any tobacco. If that is the case, you will need to remove the oxidation from the stem.
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    Last of the Tin...

    Mix and match.
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    Tobaccos for a newbie

    Since you are going to order from 4Noggins, be sure to try some Bald Headed Teacher.
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    Favorite Morning Wakeup Tobacco-Beverage Combo?

    Black coffee and Carter Hall. Of course, a cob is de rigueur.
  5. W What's Changed?

    Nope. Seems to be working for me.
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    Aro Recommends?

    4 noggins Bald-Headed Teacher.
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    Chip In The Bottom of The Bowl

    There's a "sticky" at the top of the repair and restoration page about pipe mud. As far as I'm concerned, the nick at the bottom of the bowl doesn't look too bad and I wouldn't worry. Nor would I bother with pipe mud. The slightly less than perfect draught hole would not concern me either. I...
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    On The Use Of The Word "Aromatic"

    I've seen it as well. I think, though I'm not the tobacco blend historian, that in England, where they were (still are?) limited in what they can add to tobacco, they would sometimes use the word "aromatic" to describe oriental leaf and perique. In contrast, in the US aromatic tends to mean...
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    Storing Aromatics

    I jar aromatics. I don't jar my tobacco blends with the intent of aging them -- though I do have some things that have been jarred for a while so I guess they are aging. I jar my tobacco because it is the best way to preserve it. The conventional wisdom seems to be that Virginia blends benefit...
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    Guide To Buying Tinned & Bulk Tobacco

    There may be some differences in taste because tinned tobacco will age differently than bulk and even a short aging time can make a difference for some. My palate is not sophisticated enough to pick up such differences, so I buy bulk when both are available because it is less expensive.
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    Mixture 799

    They never would have made it to Mixture 799: Mixture 666 would have been the end.
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    Thanksgiving Blend

    I've got some McClelland Holiday Spirit that I'll open on Thanksgiving Day. My brother-in-law and I will sit on his back porch with a glass of Scotch (could be bourbon, we like both, but I've got a bottle of Glenmorangie 18 and I expect we'll sample that) and welcome in the holiday season. I've...
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    I'm Back

    Welcome back. Up here in New England it will soon be that time of year when pipe smoking (I'm strictly an outside smoker) tapers off. Thankfully, Autumn has not been too cold so I'm still puffing. But, when it gets to 20 below . . .
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    When Your Wife Contributes to PAD....

    Your wife is picking out pipes? Life is good, yes?
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    Need help finding some great English Blends

    Many excellent suggestions so far. I'd also recommend Nat Sherman's 536.