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  1. willieg

    Time For Another "Manliness" Thread

    walking into a red neck beer joint and shouting out--anybody up for some sex? this will prove your manliness in a fist fight
  2. willieg

    Looking for a "Classic Virginia"

    to me, the classic virginia is dunhill flake.
  3. willieg

    C&D Just Teased Re-Release of Stonehenge on 6-23-17

    anxious to try this one--ordered some yesterday
  4. willieg

    Growing My Own Tobacco

    my father in law raised tobacco for a living and believe me, it aint easy.
  5. willieg

    Dunhill Substitutes

    i will miss royal yacht, flake, and emp. i can only stock up so much due to money.
  6. willieg

    For All Dunhill Pipe Owners And Smokers

    i currently own 10 dunhills, all were used when i bought them. i do not find anything special about them and had just as soon smoke my petersons, savinellis, tinskys, and castellos. i also have a bunch of pre-war kaywoodies which i do not smoke at all. i know others rave about them but i find...