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  1. whiterabbit

    At Last - A Mark Twain Peterson!

    Great pipe great story, what more do you need? Other than some tobacco and a light.
  2. whiterabbit

    New Pipe Smoker

    Welcome to the forum! You'll find a ton of really great threads and more than enough information to last you a lifetime.
  3. whiterabbit

    Middle Earth Sampler Pack and thoughts on future purchases.

    Big fan of Shortcut! well, I was when I had it. Maybe I'll snag some more this week. Black Magic Woman sounds like something I should stay away from haha.
  4. whiterabbit

    Such an Elegant Bowel

    Back off Wcasey! Urinal Cake is a great flake once you get used to the......"clean" taste!
  5. whiterabbit

    A forum member has blown me away

    I do love these kind of stories, nice to a see a "brother of the leaf" be a friend. Ah! The elusive stonehaven! One day I'll get my hands on some to share as well haha.
  6. whiterabbit

    Why Does Nightcap Hurt Me so Bad?

    I had heard about Nightcap for ages now here on the forum back in my lurker days, but I gotta say, I'm not really impressed, it's good, just not crazy good. Maybe I've been hitting the flakes too hard haha
  7. whiterabbit

    Safety Razor Questions

    I use Stainless Steel "Shark" blades, in a Merkur 38c. Usually it's once with the grain, one (sometimes two) against the grain. The 30 degree angle was the hardest for me to get, I had to place the razor on my face and slowly move the handle up until I felt the blade, MUCH BETTER now. Buster...
  8. whiterabbit

    Packing, Lighting, and Enjoying -- Getting the most out of a bowl.

    I usually only have to toast my tobacco once, I'll have to see if a second time helps with the flakes.
  9. whiterabbit

    Pipe and Tobacco Allowance

    I'm as broke as they come! So looks like I'll be out once these couple tins are gone
  10. whiterabbit

    Damn you eBay PAD

    I bought all mine through eBay. Well except for that cob, but whatever..
  11. whiterabbit

    Hemp Wicks

    Been thinking about getting a xikar and ditching the matches, but I doubt I'll actually shell out the cash for a xikar.
  12. whiterabbit

    As My Pipes Sit Calling Me To Smoke

    It will be done! Heal up quick, those pipes won't smoke themselves!
  13. whiterabbit

    OT: Witnessed an Armed Bank Heist Today.

    Holy crap! Glad everyone was okay.
  14. whiterabbit

    2 years into pipe smoking and needing to find new blends

    Oooooh, rum flake looks nice, might have to add that to the list, say is there a spot on the forum to trade bits of tobacco? Because that would be super cool.
  15. whiterabbit

    Hemp Wicks

    Beeline is my favorite. It's good stuff for sure. I go back and forth between it and plain old matches. I feel like there's a taller flame with wick. But again it's another thing to carry. Then again, my truck is my smoking den is maybe it's not so bad eh?