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  1. waznyf

    Back after being absent.

    Good day folks, It has been a great while since I have smoked a pipe and quite a bit longer since I have been active in the forums. Just recently I started smoking my pipes again and realized that I have forgotten a lot and much has changed! It appears that the cost of pipes has dropped...
  2. waznyf

    Carter Hall Is In Trouble

    I was also nervous upon reading the title! Very funny! DON'T EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN! Lol -Frank
  3. waznyf

    Eye of The Storm

    You've done a wonderful job! -Frank
  4. waznyf

    MM Legend Burn Out

    Buy some more cobs! Mine are still smoking great after over a year. Fortunately they are cheap, which doesn't make it a great loss when one does happen to go bad. Probably just had one that just happened to be lower in quality. -Frank
  5. waznyf

    Kaywoodie 500

    Quite the score! Hope you enjoy :) Kaywoodie pipes are great smokers. I have a Kaywoodie YB that dates back to the 1940s and I absolutely love it. -Frank
  6. waznyf

    AM Pipe & Coffee

    You can't go wrong with a pipe and coffee! My preferred way to start the day! -Frank
  7. waznyf

    New Senior Member

    Congratulations! -Frank
  8. waznyf

    I Have a Feeling This Pipe Will Go Fast

    Gorgeous pipe! Too bad I'm broke, otherwise I would most certainly have purchased it! -Frank
  9. waznyf Sale is Great!!

    Holy crap! What a haul! Have fun smoking all that baccy when it arrives, I'm sure it'll take a while! -Frank
  10. waznyf

    Good On Ya Customs

    That's not cool at all dude! Best make some changes to your game plan so that you can avoid this problem in the future. -Frank
  11. waznyf

    Inexpensive Lighters Suggestions

    I would go with a Bic or Djeep if you really want to be cost effective. If your budget is a little higher then that, get a standard zippo and possibly a thunderbird insert as well. There are plenty of affordable pipe lighters from Lotus and Colibri, and I believe both generally offer lifetime...
  12. waznyf

    Non-Traditional Color Briars

    I don't personally own any pipes of this sort, and at this time I have yet to find any that I feel I'd enjoy. Some of the color schemes are cool though. -Frank
  13. waznyf

    The Whale

    Lovely pipe! Hope to see your work progress as you make more pipes! -Frank
  14. waznyf

    How Times Have Changed...