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    The Tobbacolypse: Would it Affect You at All?

    I calculated a few days ago how much I would need if I were to live until I was 90. At one bowl a day, with about a 3g bowl, I'd need 142lbs of tobacco (64.4kg) to last me. I have nowhere near that much. I don't know how much I have at the moment because over the last 1.5 years I've been out of...
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    Briar Fox?

    One of my favorite blends. Well stocked and always on hand. Super Yay.
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    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Peterson POTY 2019 Sandblast GH Bobs Chocolate Flake 2oz -2 tins Tabac Manil Le Petit Robin 100 g - 1 packet Granger 12 oz - 1 Tub
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    Favourite Drink Pairing?

    Depends on my mood. I don't pair specific drinks with pipes, but whatever I feel like it at the moment. Tonight I had some beer. Last night I had a sugar and calorie free cider (in Korea cider is equivalent to what Sprite/7-up is) and the night before that I had some cold brew tangerine peel tea...
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    A First For Me!

    Welcome back. Perhaps the wanting to smoke more isn't nicotine itself, but old habits or nostalgia. I for one picked my pipe back up 3 years ago after I came across my pipe from college from 2008. I had really good memories with that basket pipe and that pipe has seen more than 'pipe tobacco' as...
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    Just Got An Email From TP.

    CH... checked. Out of stock, but not Prince Albert. Perhaps that's what you meant.
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    Va-Pers With Red Virginias

    You have a very keen sense of taste then.
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    Va-Pers With Red Virginias

    How so? If you truly want to consider the 0.0000001 of Latakia in it to not call it a Va/Per than by all means. One would not know it's even in there if it wasn't mentioned by Greg himself. I'd say Fillmore and C&D CRF w/Perique if you can find it. Most Va/Pers are generally a mix though of...
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    Why Did D&R Stop Selling Picayune?

    Never had any of the D&R blends but I have a tub of the SJ Rimboche 3.5oz. I heard Picayuane was really popular among pipe smokers. Cheap, good flavor and strong. However, I can't say too much about it.
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    Calling Out All Balkan Fans

    C&D Sunset Harbor Flake SPC Plum Pudding If you want to dive into a more English - Dunhill/Peterson Nightcap and GLP Quiet Nights
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    Lightest Perique?

    Stratford has even less. TH is the more middleground and Fillmore being the heaviest of GLP Va/Per
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    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    2oz tins of 2003 GLPease Stratford x2 It's the initial release year and being that it is one of my favorite light Va/Pers, I couldn't pass it up, Especially with 18 years on it. Quite the price to pay but all worth it.
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    Best Tobacco to Smoke in a Castello 55?

    Not sure what tobacco would be best, but as others have said, sometimes certain blends sing in certain shapes. My stubby pot I used to smoke VA's out of but when I had a bowl of GLPease Jack Knife PLug cut to a shag consistency, it was no going back. It now is reserved for that blend only. I...
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    GL Pease Oriental Blends

    I've a tin of Embarcadero and a tin of Regents flake aging. I also bought 3 tins of the 20th Anv. Cairo. Temple bar is Regents Flake in plug form so there might be some small differences, but overall the same components. As ChasingEmbers said, he enjoys C&D blends. I've tried Oriental Silk and...
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    Peter Stokkebye 312 Toasted Burley

    Haven't tried it however a group I'm in on social media really digs it. I have a few samples waiting for me from a friend but I can't see myself buying it considering that it's been discontinued and I really dig Newminster Light Burley anyways.