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  1. tombraider

    What are You Reading?

    I just finished "Killing Jesus". Starting "Circling the Sun" today.
  2. tombraider

    Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015

    UGH! That was hard to watch.
  3. tombraider

    Pipe Dementia: Lost Doggie

    That read like a Dr. Seuss bit. I loved it!!
  4. tombraider

    Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015

    LET'S GO RANGERS...!...!...!.!.!
  5. tombraider

    Favorite Chinese Food?

    I never associated curry with Chinese food, but a place around the corner from my office in NJ does really good things with it. My new favorite is Curried Beef with Onion w/side of Fried Rice.
  6. tombraider

    What Is Your Favorite Color

    orange (I need to get my post count up)
  7. tombraider

    Spring is coming

    LET'S GO METS!!!
  8. tombraider

    Becoming a Dad

    As a father of 2 (10 and 12 year old girls) I can tell you I'm very envious of you. There is nothing, nothing better than being a dad. I miss taking care of them the way I used to. Feeding time, play time, bath time and bed time gave me the best memories that still resonate with me. Cherish...
  9. tombraider

    Fruitcake Problems

    people eat fruitcake?
  10. tombraider

    Wicked Good Pool Shooting Video

    I watched it twice and the second time I noticed that that guy is a good at pool.
  11. tombraider

    Salt and Alcohol Treatment in a Peterson System

    For any of you who have cleaned up an old estate Peterson System pipe, do you do anything differently to try to clean the chamber or just hope that filling the shank and bowl will do the trick. Thanks in advance, TB
  12. tombraider

    Is this Pipe Cool or Silly?

    beware second horned smoke.
  13. tombraider

    Bass Fishing In My Back Yard

    Great LMB. I agree on the 3 lbs guess. Nice color and clearly very healthy.
  14. tombraider

    NHL Playoffs

    5 games in 7 nights was tough for the Rangers. You will see a different team tomorrow night. Maybe even a PPG.
  15. tombraider

    Mixing Nightcap With MM965

    Grouchydog, I'm going to mix it 50/50 this weekend or next. I'll report results.