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  1. tkcolo

    Tractors Anyone

    I jumped out of a stripped out King Air one time that had about three working gages. I think it was one of the planes that went down a few years later killing all the jumpers on board. Absolutely the scariest part about that jump.
  2. tkcolo

    Stem Material

    I am still waiting to see a vulcanite stem that won't oxidize for me (including Dunhill, Ashtons, Savs, etc.) I polish them back to smooth hard black, and I use obsidian oil every time, all the time. Not stored in the sun. And every one starts to oxidize after 20-30 smokes. After a few years it...
  3. tkcolo

    Tractors Anyone

    2012 New Holland TS6.120. Pretty simple 120 hp MFWD loader tractor we use for everything. mowing, raking, baling, feeding, brush hogging, discing, etc. We got it because is mostly mechanical and easy to work on, since we are 3 hrs and a few mountain passes away from the nearest dealer. It's got...
  4. tkcolo

    Beggin Strips For Men

    You straight crazy, bro. We slaughtered our own for the first time a month ago, and my jalapeno mesquite-smoked bacon was stupid awesome.
  5. tkcolo

    New John Cotton’s Double Pressed Burley

    I'm not much of a reviewer, but I got my DP burley yesterday. I really, really, like the DP Kentucky. The DP Virginia is good, but overpriced to me. Straight VAs are not really my favorite anyway. One bowl in, and the DP burley seem a little harsh and on the fresh side to me. I think it will...
  6. tkcolo

    Too Far Gone To Be Saved?

    I'm no expert at all, but you won't hurt it worse. I'd start it an everclear bath, a good scrubbing, and then get to sanding. I wouldn't go so deep to get through the burnt wood, but use a dark contrast stain and it will turn out fine. It will lighten up and be a battle scarred soldier.
  7. tkcolo

    Cranky And Down Without Nicotine?

    Definitely anxiety, but it hard to separate from work. I have had one deadline after another, so I've pretty much been working 7am-9pm everyday for the last 6 weeks. Quick to anger for sure. Not mad at the world. Just at dumb people and dumb situations. HAHA
  8. tkcolo

    Cranky And Down Without Nicotine?

    Also, I work (engineering) from home, so sitting at my desk it's easy to smoke a lot more. When I am out and about, pipe smoking just doesn't fit in very well, except long trips by myself. It is easier to skip it when I am busy. But sitting here working, it is tough to pass up.
  9. tkcolo

    Cranky And Down Without Nicotine?

    Totally nicotine withdrawal. I dipped a can a day forever, and quit 10 years ago. I was murderous for a week, just dangerous for 3 weeks, and unbearable for two months. After that, just kind of a dick for a year. Then I normalized. 5 years later picked my pipe back up (1-2 bowls a day). It's...
  10. tkcolo

    A New Meerschaum Acquisition

    TOBACCO: Man I smoke everything in mine, back to back, with little or no ghosts. I don't even think about it anymore. Be sure to wash the meerschaum dust out before you start. it gets weird. Enjoy! PROGRESSION: I went back to find progression pics, but it's not very consistent. I must have...
  11. tkcolo

    Sutliff 515 RC-1 Matured Red Virginia

    No offense intended here. I hated the overwhelming ketchup in RC-1 so much, that it made me dislike the ketchup note in mcclelland's I used to love so much. That vinegar taste sticks with me for at least a day, much like the chemical 'lime" in a bud light lime. Gross.
  12. tkcolo

    Samuel Gawith - Hansom Flake

    I finally tried my first tin. I guess I'm off, because I dig it! Granny panties is very mild. I'll take the tins from you guys do don't like it. PM me.
  13. tkcolo

    I’m Hooked

    Welcome, man! Enjoy the ride!
  14. tkcolo

    Scarcity of Certain Pipe Tobaccos

    Spring is pretty stressful for us, trying to calve and lamb in spring snow and bears waking up hungry. So I bought some Cope after giving it up 10 years ago. At $7/day, that shit is expensive, and it puts pipe tobacco in perspective. Anyone you know smoke $7 of pipe tobacco in a day? I'm not...
  15. tkcolo

    Which Blend Might You Be Short On?

    I bought some Germain's Special Latakia Flake 3 years ago, and I couldn't get past the weird dryness, salt and pepper color and fluffy/spongy texture. And, I strayed from Latakia in most forms. Well, I got bored a few months ago and tried it again, and I now love it as a change of pace. I'd like...