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  1. tjsgarden

    The Initial Tamp

    Inquiring minds want to know. I'll give this method a try and see what happens.
  2. tjsgarden

    Your First Year Smoking

    Probably 1974. I remember smoking some apple and cherry blends, Carter Hall and SWR. I thought it was a mature and sophisticated way to smoke. At the time, I thought aromatics were what made pipe smoking special. Now, I usually only smoke non-aromatics.
  3. tjsgarden

    How Do You Hold Your Pipe In Your Mouth?

    Almost always, I hold a pipe in my hand while smoking. I use my teeth and lips ( with very little pressure), only to stabilize the pipe. The weight of the pipe is held by my hand.
  4. tjsgarden

    Tamping And The Bottom Of The Bowl?

    I especially like the idea of letting the tobacco dry more the next smoke.
  5. tjsgarden

    Tamping And The Bottom Of The Bowl?

    Greetings, I actually enjoy the attentive art of pipe tamping. I am careful not to overly compress the tobacco beneath the ashes and embers. I have mixed thoughts when I get near the bottom of the bowl. When there is a mixture of dottle, ash and a small amount unburned tobacco, I usually use a...
  6. tjsgarden

    How "NOT" to Inhale Smoke?

    Hey Guys, the responses I got from my question was great. Again, I want to say thanks to all of you. Just a brief update... I have been off cigarettes for a week. My lungs feel better than ever. I have tried to incorporate much of what was shared into the mechanics of how I smoke. For now, I...
  7. tjsgarden

    My New Pipe Rest

    Considering some of the things I have seen on Ebay, you would get several bids for your "unique pipe rest".
  8. tjsgarden

    Rusticated or Smooth. What Do You Prefer?

    Most of my pipes are sandblasted or rusticated. In my opinion, they generally smoke cooler than a smooth finish.
  9. tjsgarden

    How "NOT" to Inhale Smoke?

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. You guys are great. I am reflecting on what has been shared. I have smoked a pipe on and off (mostly off) since the mid 1970s. I truly want to smoke and enjoy pipe smoking and minimize the risk to my lungs at the same time. I haven't smoked a cigarette in four days. I am...
  10. tjsgarden

    Muttnchop Piper Update

    Could you share this thread with his daughter so Chris would know how much we miss him on Youtube.
  11. tjsgarden

    How "NOT" to Inhale Smoke?

    Exactly! I have learned to control the sipping (using only my cheeks) specifically to the tip of the stem. Thanks!
  12. tjsgarden

    How "NOT" to Inhale Smoke?

    Greetings! I am 66 years old and have a long history of smoking cigarettes. It is important to me to NOT inhale smoke into my windpipe or lungs. I am very careful to relax my breathing pace and sip (like sipping on a straw) a very small amount of smoke into my mouth. I exhale in a slow...
  13. tjsgarden

    Any Advice? Killer Tongue Bite

    Driving can cause stress or anxiousness. If you sip harder or at a faster rate while driving, the smoke will get hotter and there will be an increased risk of tongue bite.