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  1. tinsel

    McC 5100

    Haha, I guess I was one of the few who liked the ketchup smell. Never got it from the smoke, only from the tin (jar). I always thought Blackwoods Flake smelled like a tin of baked beans when it was opened! LOVED that blend. Wish I had cellared more of it. I do have 6 tins of Christmas Cheer...
  2. tinsel

    McC 5100

    Hey guys, first time I've posted in MONTHS. So, I bought a house about 8 weeks ago (my first home purchase). In the process of packing up the cellar for the move, I found a jar of red cake 5100 from 2014. Having not smoked any in a long while, and remembering how much I enjoyed it, I cracked...
  3. tinsel

    That Time of Year Again

    The fields near my house have all been cut. If any of the ones on my route to work are still standing this week I'll try to pull over and snap a picture for ya. Here in west Ky (where almost all true DFK comes from) the curing fires are made of sawdust which is a mix of hickory and sometimes...
  4. tinsel

    That Time of Year Again

    ... the time of year when the Dark Fired crop here in west Ky is being harvested and cured. The smell of hickory smoke from the tobacco barn fires lingers in the air everywhere you go. Should be a lot of good leaf coming out of the barns this year. We had a great growing season. Plenty of...
  5. tinsel

    Helping a Friend, Finally Tried Lane 1Q

    Hey guys. Been a while since I posted. Life's been busy, and I've been comfortably settled in to smoking the same 3 blends for well over a year now, with no real desire to try anything new or different. A close friend (who I don't spend near enough time with) lost his father a few weeks ago to...
  6. tinsel

    Corn cob blah!!!!

    I've never had a new cob taste "bad" to me. However I Have had a few that exhibited what I usually call "new cob taste" which stands out like a big sore thumb and can overpower the tobacco sometimes. I guess some might call it "bad". Usually goes away in half a dozen bowls or so for me.
  7. tinsel

    Surprised at my most used pipe

    My $33 Dr Grabow from Walgreens gets more action than any of my other pipes. Pulled out and tossed the filter as soon as I bought it. Smokes like a champ and loves straight Va blends.
  8. tinsel

    Is it bad?

    OTCs or Tinned blends... Inhaled or not inhaled ... It simply doesn't matter. When it comes to pipe smoking there are only 2 rules. The smaller end goes in your mouth. The bigger end is where the tobacco goes. Other than that, there's no wrong way to do it.
  9. tinsel

    $40 Rossi

    I'm assuming it was you then? :D In that case, thanks Duane. You led me to an awesome pipe!
  10. tinsel

    $40 Rossi

    Someone in another thread posted a link to this Rossi Author on SP. I've always liked the look of this shape and wanted one for my collection. At $40 it seemed like a steal. I went ahead and bought it and have had it for about 5 days now. I figured out really quickly that the large bowl...
  11. tinsel

    Mr Brog Pipes For A Beginner?

    I have a few nice briars in the $80-120 range, and they don't necessarily smoke any better than my pipes that are in the $20-40 range. %75 percent of my smoking is done with cobs. Another %20 is done in my trusty Dr. Grabow that was $33 at walgreens. The other 20 pipes in my collection...
  12. tinsel

    Is This Pipe Burned Out?

    Looks fine to me! Load it up and smoke it!! :D
  13. tinsel

    Rubber Tips

    Pipes and Cigars has them in both sizes as well
  14. tinsel

    Can You Find All 9 Bands?

    I got em all except the screaming trees. Gonna have to go check them out I guess.
  15. tinsel

    Day 2, This Chipmunk Is Way Too Smart

    I once read that mice possess roughly the same intelligence and ability to learn and understand concepts as a dog, despite having a brain that is physically much, much smaller. So, yeah ... a rodent's brain is apparently pretty darned efficient.