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  1. timt

    Perique Lovers: What Are Your Favorite Blends?

    Old Joe Krantz if you want a burley option.
  2. timt

    2020 NFL Kickoff

    Autumn and football have always been my favorite parts of the year. At least I still have autumn. My tv is practically useless now.
  3. timt

    Residual Effects Of Restricted Social Contact

    Yes, social distancing comes naturally for me too, as well as for my wife and kids for the most part. We're not weird anymore. Personally, even when things get back to "normal", I'm already trying to plan on how I can make this last through the holiday get-togethers.
  4. timt

    We Are So Screwed

    Lot's of good comments. I understand the anxiety, especially if you're glued to the television with the ongoing score of the number of sick or dead. I have to agree with the concern georged has, that burning down the barn to kill the rats is going to cause it's own special set of problems that...
  5. timt

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    GH & Co. Dark Bird’s Eye in a 1966 Dunhill billiard.
  6. timt

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Orlik Golden Sliced in a Peterson 408 bent apple.
  7. timt

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Orlik Golden Sliced in a Castello billiard.
  8. timt

    COVID-19 Statistics Tracker

    Seriously scratching my head about all the panic and hysteria. All I know is that people seldom, if ever, make good decisions while in this state of mind. Go ahead and roll up the sidewalks, pull the blinds, buy a year's supply of toilet paper and sell your investments when they're down 20%...
  9. timt

    What Is Your Fav Puttering Activity While Smoking?

    Winter - cruising backroads, somehow managing to hold up traffic. Summer - supervising the backyard/contemplating the meaning of life from the deck.
  10. timt

    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    SG Kendal Cream Flake in a Savinelli 814KS.
  11. timt

    ***What Are You Smoking? January 2020.***

    SG St. James Flake in a Savinelli billiard. Sipping coffee and contemplating the day ahead.
  12. timt

    ***What Are You Smoking? January 2020.***

    C&D Epiphany in a Comoy’s bent pot.
  13. timt

    Merry Christmas Everybody

    Merry Christmas!
  14. timt

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2019!

    Had a wonderful steak dinner then let the kids open a few gifts. I figured it was a good time for me too. Thanks Santa! What a great gift, and two blends I don't have!
  15. timt

    ***What Are You Smoking? December 2019.***

    Rattray’s Exotic Orange in a meer.