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    Campfire cooking

    I'm a big vintage Coleman/ camp gear collector as well. Nothing better than a feast in the outdoors on 100-year-old gear! I have a great dutch oven recipe I will share. Take a 12" DO and dice 1 yellow onion, add 2 tablespoons minced garlic and a 4oz can of chili peppers. Add in 1 12oz tube of...
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    TSA-approved Pipe Tools??

    I have taken Czech tools many times through TSA with no problem. However, just in case, I always bring some golf tees which are fantastic and cheap pipe tools.
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    Question for You Guys that Listen to the Radio Show / Podcast

    Automatically download weekly from the iphone podcast app.
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    Comoy's Royal Guard From Parker's in Fresno

    Looks like a match to me
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    Comoy's Royal Guard From Parker's in Fresno

    Sorry guys! New guy resurrecting a zombie thread here. Upon searching the world wide webs, this was about the only place I was able to find info on Parker's Pipe Shop. I also recently came into possession of a Parker's Royal Guard pipe and mine looks to be made by Comoy's as well (Shape No.332)...
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    New Members, Introduce Yourself!

    Hey gang! I've been an on and off again pipe smoker since the early 2000's, but only recently really dove into the hobby within the last three years. I've also been a long time lurker around these parts and decided it was time to join the fray. Cheers!