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    Seeking HU Recommendations

    Might add Flanagan to your list
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    Chicago People: Did Hugh Hefner Hang Out At Iwan Reis?

    Couple of other interesting tidbits from @jiminks. Hugh’s relies smoke was Sail Yellow. He wasn’t as much of a pipe smoker as he was a cigarette smoker.
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    Esoterica Dunbar Suggestions

    I had the pleasure of some 9-year old Dunbar; fantastic aged. I enjoy it fresh as well- can’t go wrong.
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    Tobacco Advice Request

    Old Joe Krantz
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    Halloween Pipe

    here is mine commissioned from Steven Downie
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    Attn Cornell and Diehl

    Burley Flake #3 is great
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    Aromatic Flake Recommendation

    Dragon Flake should be added to your list
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    Show Me Your Plug Cutters

    Works like a charm; haven’t needed to sharpen it but you simply unscrew the screws holding the blade.
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    Trusted Pipe Repairmen?

    Ric Farrah
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (September 2019)

    3 Oaks Syrian in a Silver Gray