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  1. teufelhund

    When Snipers Collide

    Wow... Lol. Why can't that happen to anything I list?
  2. teufelhund

    Newbee On-Board

    Welcome to the forums.
  3. teufelhund

    Here Five Years

    Here's to five more! :puffy:
  4. teufelhund

    Mason Jars Still Smell After Washing

    I swish mine with alcohol after washing. Definitely helps with ghosting.
  5. teufelhund


    I have two and enjoy them both. My favorite is my Maya has a really cool stem.
  6. teufelhund

    Some opinions and a hello after an absence.

    Welcome back! My MM Mark Twain is one of my go to pipes. Gotta love cobs.
  7. teufelhund

    Go Navy - Beat Army

    Better luck next year Army! Go Midshipmen! Looking forward to see if Navy gets a bowl game.
  8. teufelhund

    If You Could Only Have One Pipe Shape For The Rest Of Your Life

    Wow... This post was brought back from the dead, but its funny to see what I wrote two years ago and what I would prefer now. You'd think they'd be the same, but I surprised myself. I still like my nose warmers, but I'm leaning towards a smaller smooth 1/4 bent acorn. By far my favorite pipe...
  9. teufelhund

    Welders, Tradesmen--Career Advice?

    Felt I should put my two cents in... There is always an opportunity for welders to work in my area. I honestly cant wait to get my certs and weld moments on big iron. Also not sure if it was mention, but there is a huge demand for all iron work in North Dakota. I see the lists whenever I'm on...
  10. teufelhund

    Smoking in My Garage In The Winter

    I applaud your commitment. Must be a nice smelling garage; well mine smells nice anyway. Happy smoking! :puffy:
  11. teufelhund

    Hello all...

    I started up as an Iron Worker at Local 396 in St. Louis. Better wages mean more tobacco money so there's that, but I really enjoy it. It's nice not to be cooped up and I've put on quite a bit of muscle. Currently enjoying a bowl of sugar barrel in my Twain cob... Sunday is off to a great start...
  12. teufelhund

    Tough Assignment: Name Your Top 5

    My tastes have changed somewhat over the past few years, but my five go to smokes are: (in no particular order) Escudo, Deep Hollow, Fusilier's Ration, Black Cavendish and Mississippi River. Honorable mention for Stonehaven, but I rarely smoke it; I just sit in my cellar stroking the jar and...
  13. teufelhund

    FS - Stonehaven At A Reasonable Price

    Some things never change...
  14. teufelhund

    Hello all...

    Just wanted to say hello again. I realize I haven't been on in a few months, but life is settling down. New job and a new laptop so I should be around more often. Looking forward to catching up on all the great posts. Take care and have a good holiday next week.
  15. teufelhund

    The 2015 Cosmic Crop

    Had a wonderful weekend thanks for your well wishes. Looks like you've got quite the setup. It supposed to be a good growing season this year; hopefully before long you'll have some nice tall plants. Best of luck!