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  1. taildraggin

    Dunhill Tobaccos Rebranded as Peterson

    Very Happy. Light Flake, Dark Flake, Royal Yack, London Mixture, Nightcap were my day's smokes. 965 is a bit light for me (prefer the stiffer London Mixture, which got me into pipe smoking and has been my favorite English). But, STG is bringing out a big 4 out of 5. 3 cheers!
  2. taildraggin

    Just One Tobacco

    No. I'm in it for the variety. I don't think I've ever smoked the same blend more than once in a day, except away from home, traveling light. Looking in the shoe box now and the days have been going something like: HH Pure VA, OGS, Savinelli Doblone d'Oro, ODF, Artisan's Blend, Solani ABF...
  3. taildraggin

    A Mauser Commercial

    Yes, it was unexpected to roll into a Teutonic city in the middle of the country. My mother’s family were poles in what is now the Ukraine and they had similar ancient German cities scattered about. I have an old Mannlicher Schonauer that would work in those woods very well. :)
  4. taildraggin

    Talk to Me About Wrist Watches

    I stopped wearing a watch with the first iphone, partially though to avoid the tyranny of time watching. I took off the dog collar. Functionally, the smartphone ended the need, though. But, I got an Apple Watch in for my bday and it has not been off my wrist since. It’s not as...
  5. taildraggin

    A Mauser Commercial

    Madox . Many 20th century US military and sporting arms too... I got as far north as the country above Brasov. Very rich and beautiful - deep, dark woods.
  6. taildraggin

    A Mauser Commercial

    A buddy has an old hunting cabin on a lake in Maine. They’re so far in the grey woods and swamps that there are very few deer, but many moose and bear. (The deer are in town, feeding on hydrangea.) Since, it’s hard to draw a moose or bear tag we go out on what are more ‘armed hiking’...
  7. taildraggin

    WTH Alaska (Hot Weather Blends)

    My buddy and I were droning at 10.5k, cruising to a hunt with the dog in baggage. My buddy frantically taps me that the baggage door had popped open. I looked back and the dog was eyeing the new light source back there. I figured air pressure would keep it closed, but my buddy grabbed his...
  8. taildraggin

    Forum functions?

    Not sure it’s best, but I go into Forums then scroll down below “Latest Discussions” I have a post from 2003 (under “Emeritus” now). I don’t think the site has changed since then. :D
  9. taildraggin

    Pavorotti, The Movie Biography

    He effortlessly covered the spectrum, what others could only partially. Like him or not he had the greatest instrument we have heard. Thanks for the tip on the documentary, Ron Howard does good work.
  10. taildraggin

    WTH Alaska (Hot Weather Blends)

    UFB. I've been going back and forth between NY and SoCal and Wx has been a bit odd. We already have 2X the annual rainfall total in SD. While NY temps are high but within "normal", the winds are funky. Usually 2 choices in fair weather 310 deg after a front (cool, fast), which backs to a...
  11. taildraggin

    Another Earthquake/California

    Sandy cost $19B and most “average” hurricanes are costing ~$2B in damage, it seems. Don’t know average of tornadoes and other natural disasters, but it’s high. 7 mile wide space rock hit a few hundred million years ago at 40,000 mph and ended most life on earth in 11 minutes. Pick your spot...
  12. taildraggin

    Do You Really Like to Smoke a Pipe With Filter

    I like the 9mm mops. I have 7 non and prefer the parabellums. 3-4 bowls/day lately. Don’t care one way or another about nic, gettting enough. mostly strong tobaccos. Can’t tell a diff in draw. Change after every bowl.
  13. taildraggin

    American Airfields.

    Just substitute “Hessian” for “Messerschmitt” next time. We’re good.
  14. taildraggin

    Another Earthquake/California

    Earthquakes are a distant 2nd to the CA DMV for not living here.
  15. taildraggin

    Southern California Earthquake

    . Still plenty of opportunity to correct his bad manners.