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    Slightly Aromatic Flakes.

    SG Kendal Cream. Alot of things referred to as aromatic are not at all aromatic . To me anyway. I love Dans' London 250 as well.
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    Smoking salty?!

    That, and possibly your diet. U.S.ers consume far too much salt.
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    Michael Landon lights up on Little House. I wonder if a pipe was ever used to clear choking.
  4. swampmouth

    Top 10 surprising benefits of pipe smoking

    Yeah, I'm going to add association with people like you(no offence). I'm out with the pup and kitty shooters and log splitters. Not much time for socializing. What else brings a bunch of odballs(no offence) to the same table.
  5. swampmouth

    Natural tobaccos

    I think you got your answer already. I would add that I have smoked "organic with no chemical additives",according to the manufacturer. I have a taste for "natural" ferments and can tell what has been adulterated with casing. For me casing constricts my throat and is typically in "aromatics"...
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    Question About Virginia Tobacco

    Jeez Bob you have a very cultured tongue. The other thing is that the "flavors" are more subtle, subdued, sublime, see the pattern. 20 years ago I was the same way. I kept with it as an occasional and WALLAH, suddenly I was there. Especially those aged McCs. Keep it up for perspective if nothing...
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    Traditional Archery

    Back before you were born I got my first bow. Back then the compounds still had wood risers and wood/glass limbs. Took two deer before the laminates on the riser started seperating. My first metal bow was like "what the hell?" The only way to go is wood. There's alot of selfbows out there if you...
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    Sorry to be the bee in your honey. I have smoked homegrown(by myself) tabac. I can easily find uncased smoke, but I would hardly call it "raw". Many I consider works of art.
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    My Iwan Ries (Benton) Billiard

    I have a Canadienne. Perfect
  10. swampmouth

    Question About Virginia Tobacco

    What's been said yep. I would say you have a virgin tongue. Go ahead with the big flavor. There's plenty of time for culture later. Virginias' also play a big role in many lat blends. Tune into that.
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    Indoor Smoking

    Thanks 05 for this thread. Good stuff all around. And SPARTAN put the nail in the head. There is a vicey versey there. Especially in the heat and humidity of summer. Go out in that, some smokes are completely different, amazingly, intoxicatingly different.
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    How many to start???

    If I had a local I would start with one. That way if it didn't hit you right the first time, you'd give it some more time to reflect. Jumping right into a new blend can trigger an avalanche.
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    What the advantage of plug?

    I like what's been said already. For me flakes and plugs are good for packing a tight kit. Sometimes space saving is equal to more and better down the line. Not to mention in the bowl. Nobody is forcing you to rub it out. Chunks=Hours
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    45 Hobbies For Men How Many Have You Done.

    Less than 20. I get into what I do, to extremes. It's more of a lifestyle than a hobby. I'm not opposed to unmanly undertakings either.
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    Squadron Leader...What's The Big Deal?

    Sounds good to me, Thanks. I wouldn't marvel about a blend like that, go through those like water.