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    Germany, VAT and the US

    Normally you shouldn´t be charged with VAT. Sometimes the sellers just don´t have the experience and are insecure of how to handle overseas sales. Our "IRC" is very strict here and people are just afraid. No padding of pockets possible in Germany for sure! If you buy in person you may collect...
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    Vacation/Travel With Pipes.

    We will ride the the Czech Republic this weekend and will be on the road one week on our bikes. I will pack two Falcons, a pack cleaners, tool and lighter and three packs of Golden Sliced. :puffy:
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    Some Exotics From Germany

    Great to hear that the samples have arrived. I hear you about customs. German customs has charged the bl**dy h*ll out of me for tobacco from the US. :lol:
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    Trip to Prague

    You´re right madox, why not giving it a try. I see Jirsa pipes in one of your photos. I like them and maybe they are cheaper than in Germany.
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    Detecting nicotine

    Very well put Philobeddoe! There were times when I was thinking too the "strong" related to the flavour. Well, now I know which tobaccos to avoid... 8O
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    Customized Falcon International

    Hahaha Simon, I suppose you are having a hard time with all these metal-threads! :nana:
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    This Falcons so bright I gotta wear shades

    In fact I have two and they show up on the German Ebay ever so often. @Banjo: I have a Chris Askwith morta on a black stemmed, silver tubed and white tipped Falcon.
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    Ceramic meets metal

    How is the ceramic compared to briar? Is it really working? I am just asking because Erik Noerding now has the "Stubby" with a ceramic bowl in a plastic body.
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    This Falcons so bright I gotta wear shades

    Thank you Banjo, this one just called for a meer!
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    The other customized Falcon Shillelagh

    I love the Shillelaghs and have four of them myself.
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    An unfortunate metal pipe comes to life again.

    Try boiling water to soften the bit when attaching.
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    An unfortunate metal pipe comes to life again.

    Great work! The bit/mouthpiece is the clincher as it is made from nylon and not meant to come off. Good luck!
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    The Mortafied customized Kirsten model F

    Banjo, oh yes, I´ve been through this myself! Thankfully I have access to a professional ultrasonic cleaner and was bale to loosen that front cap.
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    This Falcons so bright I gotta wear shades

    The gold Falcon with a Meerschaum bowl - it does´t get better than this.
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    Detecting nicotine

    I seem to be quite sensitive to nicotene. As it happens Lady N is used in insecticides and is a very strong toxin. Believe me, if you overdose on it you WILL notice it. Ask me how I know.... 8O