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    replacement for Tewsbury Nosferatu

    so, I had been smoking "Nosferatu" from "Tewksbury and Co." and ran out recently. When I went back to get more, I found out they had changed their shipping fees and now the minimum shipping outside of Colorado is over $13. Needless to say, I do not want to pay $13 on a $40 order. Can anyone...
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    Need to Clear the Air on Something

    Plus, if you don't say who it is, how are we going to know who to avoid for tobacco trades?
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    What Celebrity Could Spike Pipe Sales?

    If you got Joe Manganiello or Steven Moyer from "True Blood" to smoke a pipe you'd probably drive up sales pretty significantly. I think the way to kill sales is to have the women from "The View" or Hoda and Kathy Lee advocate it.
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    "Rugger Buggers" Declare Yourselves! Please?

    I've never been fast enough or competitive enough for rugby but I have a cousin that is pretty famous in European League Rugby so I've followed it most of my life and have played recreationally with him and his mates sometimes.
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    Dove Right Into Double Edge Shaving Redux

    I'm a big fan of Royal Shave ; I use a Dovo straight and I get all my supplies from them or Art of Shaving. Art of Shaving has a store 2 miles from my house so I can get quick stuff there if I run out.
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    Rescued This Precious Girl

    Oh yeah, she's a charmer BigBoi; good on ya for saving her.
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    Your Most Disgusting Experience While Smoking

    Mine involves an incident at Caesar's Forum Shops when I lived in Las Vegas about 12 years ago. There used to be a Dunhill shops among the stores and I picked up a nice Romeo y Julieta Dunhill Selección Suprema No. 620, lit up and began walking down to the end where the "Baccus" show is. I was...