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    Package Delivery Tax?

    I'm having a hard time imagining what financial burden package delivery puts on a municipality that we haven't already paid for many times over. We got taxed for the roads and the delivery company got taxed for the same roads. The buyer got taxed for the purchase. What ever managerial costs...
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    Tom Eltang - I Don’t Give A!

    I really miss the real-time video feed from Tom's shop. It was always peaceful to watch them go about their work and socializing.
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    White Ash Mid Smoke?

    I dump about midway too. Doesn't work too well in a meer, which is slippery on the inside and usually releases the whole load when tipped over. Works best in a cob, which really 'hangs onto' the tobacco and allows for an easy dump of the ashes. The smoke always seems to improve by dumping the...
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    A Great Smoke

    What I really enjoy about Squadron Leader and Squadron Leader w/ Perique is the way the 'base' tobaccos peek out from behind the veil of Latakia. A masterful blend that can be a magical smoke for sure!!! But, like every other thing in life, I can always get in the way of magical stuff with my...
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    Your Favorite Savinelli Pipe Shape

    IMHO, you've already got the pick of the Savinelli liter. Those are the two shapes I think are unique and special in the Savinelli line-up. They are polar opposites, yet special in their own way. The Bing's Favorite is a wonderful Virginia tobacco pipe and the 320 is great for English and...
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    Suggestions for a Cooling Pipe for My Husband

    Savinelli Bing's Favorite fills that bill completely.
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    Improve My Modest Cellar

    In the fury to get the fancy-schmancy tobaccos, I overlooked putting up a decent amount of easily smoked, regular stuff. I have rectified that oversight by putting up some C&D Pegasus (now on sale!!!) and some Semois. Now I have some grab and go tobaccos that take no preparation, light easily...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    Just finished some Samuel Gawith Kendal Cream Flake in a Missouri Meerschaum General (natural finish).
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    Bjarne Nielsen Handmade B Carver?

    A very nice piece of wood, graded very high ("B"), so one of the 'Ace' carvers made it for sure. Bjarne never denoted the carver of the pipes -- only that Tonni Nielson did many of the high grades and Johs did the low grade pipes. But, the wood and the grade and the workmanship clearly speak...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    Windy here!!! 25-30 knots. Made smoking some Verge Engine Retrodrive in a 55 difficult.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    Finished the day with some Story Teller Log Cabin Blend mixed with Pegasus in a Radice Twin Bore Oil Cured Tomato.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    Smoked some Wilke Vermont Maple in a Missouri Meerschaum Natural Country Gentleman.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2020?***

    Had some Fribourg & Treyer Cut Virginia Plug in a Tom Eltang Rusticated Army Mount Poker.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2020?***

    Just finished some Sutliff 515 mixed with Story Teller's Log Cabin Blend in an MM Natural Country Gentleman.