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    Finally Got Myself An Eskimo!

    Nice!!! The ring-grain on the bottom is very cool.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Just smoked some Rattray's Marlin Flake in a Sea Rock Dublin.
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    Hot Weather.

    Living in cold climates, this is regular entertainment when newcomers move in. But, I've never heard of this happening in hot weather. Your car must have gotten REALLY hot!!!
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    Severe Pipe Smoking Warning

    Yup, definitely Covid PTSD. 1. Smile more 2. Be funnier -- according to her sense of humor 3. Say only "yes" 4. Sleep with one eye open
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    Savinelli 320 KS Moisture Problem

    This has more often, than not, been my experience with Savinelli filter pipes. The channel behind the chamber hole expands quickly, which cools the smoke quickly, which causes condensation. This is why I think filter pipes stink. I really like some of Savinelli's finishes and styles. But, if...
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    Smokingpipes Lost Package

    Well, you and I are diligent about getting mail that's delivered to us by mistake to the proper person, one way or another. Other folks are not always that considerate. Everything is someone else's problem these days. But, perhaps, your neighbor will get off their lazy ass and see that the...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Just smoked some G-H Dark Bird's Eye in a Tinsky Bulldog.
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    Smoking in Super Hot Weather

    Keep yourself out of the sunlight.
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    Save Boxes?

    Castello boxes: Yes. Others: No.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Just finished some Petite Robin in an MM Country Gentleman. Hot outside!!!
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    I Hate Breaking in a New Pipe

    I've encountered no break-in issues with pipes I've gotten in the past few years, except for one dark, briar, Falcon bowl that was awful for a dozen, or so smokes due to their getting stain down, into the chamber. I'll never go through that again!!!
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    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Just had some Wilke Rumcake in a Falcon.
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    Cellaring Salty Dogs

    Got the impression the inside wrappers were cellophane. Whatever the case may be, I jared them with the cellophane left on -- several 'bars' to a jar. Couple years later they seem to be doing fine. The wrapper hasn't yet discolored, so might not be cellophane.
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    What’s Your Favorite “Stress Relief” Smoke?

    Kendall Kentucky, or Dark Shag, or Dark Bird's Eye.
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    Latakia Paradox?

    Smoking tobacco with Latakia is like smoking tobacco that has already been smoked. Why would I do that? Seems to defeat all the work in growing, drying, and blending tobacco. I'd rather appreciate all that work. Smoking smoke that's already been smoked is a needless redundancy.