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  1. smittyd

    Bothy Flake by Samuel Gawith

    Picked up a tin to try the other day. Its defiantly growing on me!
  2. smittyd

    Gawith Spotted 9-18-20 has some goodies right now!
  3. smittyd

    Hello from Central Pennsylvania

    Hello from Camp Hill Pa
  4. smittyd

    Luck With Petersons

    I have 6 and love every one of them!
  5. smittyd

    Journey of a Meerschaum

    Have fun! That's a beauty
  6. smittyd

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2020?***

    Savinelli Janus in a Peterson Rossolere
  7. smittyd

    The Strong Tobacco Expedition

    I never avoid strong tobacco , they make up most of my rotation.
  8. smittyd

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hello from Camp Hill Pa
  9. smittyd

    Adventures In Restoring A Meerschaum.

    I know there are some videos on you tube about how to re-coat the outside with new bees wax. But that is all I have seen.
  10. smittyd

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Watch City- Ahabs Comfort, in a Barling apple.
  11. smittyd

    A Vaper Fit for the Gods

    #1 on the #8 its fantastic stuff.
  12. smittyd

    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    Watch City- Persian Slipper in a MM cob.
  13. smittyd

    New To Me Upshall

    No it looks pretty clean, but i always polish the stems and buff with bee's wax .
  14. smittyd

    New To Me Upshall Should be receiving this in the mail tomorrow. Pretty excited..and I only paid 72 dollars! I dont know much about James Upshall pipes , so any info would be appreciated.