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    Amorelli Penna di San Michele Pipe Opinions

    I don't own a Penna di San Michele but all of the Amorelli's I do smoke wonderfully!
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    Warped/C&D Blend - The Haunting

    This blend is delicious! Sweet Virginias with a little edge from the cigar leaf - a winner!
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    Show Off your Petersons Here!

    9BC is on the radar, Al, I realize how scarce they are so it's been a long wait and it continues. Those are beautiful!
  4. skaukatt

    Show Off your Petersons Here!

    Was happy to add this silver lid XL03 Supreme to my Peterson collection. (Yes, wrong box, I know, but who's complaining!)
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    Show-off your Stanwell Pipes Here!

    Don, that's a beauty of an 08, and with Tom Eltang's stamp to boot, great find!
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    Hello from Albany NY

    Hi Justin, Welcome aboard! I'd suggest you check out the Capital District Pipe Club from Albany, NY. Call Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe at 518-690-2222. They can help point you in their direction. Happy Smokes, Lou
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    Broken Pipe: Bruce Weaver

    What a wonderful man, my condolences to his family, so sad.
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    eBay find - 1922 Sterling Domed Barling

    That is beautiful! Congrat's!
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    With Pipe and Book

    ...on another note, it 'twas a great and storied pipe and tobacco shop in its day, sadly no longer here...
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    Sasieni 4 dot -- wet smoker

    mngslvs, see the sticky:
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    Peterson, Nording & STG on Radio Show of July 9, 2019

    Thank you for the fix, I was ale to download the episode!
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    Peterson, Nording & STG on Radio Show of July 9, 2019

    Hi Kevin, Brian, There is a problem with the url for this show as I am unable to download the episode from iTunes. The message is that the url is not found on the server. Just wanted to let you know in case you haven't already heard. Thank you, Lou
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    My Dad Passed and I Got His Favorite Pipe

    My condolences on your Dad's passing. That's a beautiful pipe and a wonderful remembrance of Dad. The pipe is not ivory but a mineral called meerschaum. See the following for more info and as you know, Google is your friend! Enjoy! Lou
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    Very sad news

    So sad, R.I.P. and condolences to his family.