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    Carter Hall - Bad Flavour

    In the past I've said a lot of unkind things about CH, based on having smoked it many years ago. Recently however I bought a tub of it on a whim. Lo and behold, it has become my go-to. Smoke it straight out of the tub without any fussing or drying, it smokes cool and dry. I detect no...
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    Tried to speak English today

    MM965 is not an English by the strictest definition, although it contains Latakia. It's more correctly a Scottish, as it also contains ample quantity of unflavored brown cavendish. I happen to like MM965, but even better Aperitif, which is very similar but less Latakia-forward, allowing the...
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    Will The English Please Just Nationalize Dunhill Already?

    @didache is there still an enclave of little camera shops in Pied Bull Yard across from the British Museum? Aperitif is a mellower/smoother less Lat-forward version of MM965. If you like the latter you'll be pleased with Aperitif.
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    Question For You Photographers

    The important parameters for slide scanning are resolution and bit depth (dynamic range). Slides to begin with have a compressed tonal range compared to negatives, so you don't want to compress it further. Dedicacted slide/film scanners always had greater dynamic range than flatbeds with slide...
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    What a difference dry tobacco makes!!

    Gawith's blends (the few that don't gag from the taint of Lakeland essence) are not wet, they're gooey from toppings and/or perhaps the way they're pressed/processed. You almost need to bake them to get them dry. I've left them out for days with no perceptible decrease in that sticky...
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    Drying vs not drying

    The attempt to create universal rules to pipesmoking is an advent of the attempt to spin it as "a hobby". Different blenders ship their products at different moisture levels. The better ones strive for some consistency, the others it can be all over the place. Foil-coated cardboard containers...
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    At The Risk Of Being Indelicate...

    If you're coughing it up it's coming from your lungs not your stomach. The latter would require vomiting to expel.
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    Dunhill Deluxe navy rolls VS Dark Flake

    Jim put it more scientifically than I would but I agree with his assessment. DNR is one of my favorites, but also the one Dunhill blend I will stock up on last, as worst-case scenario, Escudo is close enough I could live with it if I have to.
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    All My Pipes Smoke Hot

    Only two things would shock me with Petersons: on-center drilling, and no fills.
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    How Could Someone Make Their Own Navy Flake

    Hold it, back the truck up. Who says "Navy" means it's been doused with rum? I smoke Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls and believe me if there were even a hint of rum in the taste it would've given me the dry heaves.
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    Old Man And Old Pipe

    Holy crap, I had one of those in college! Totally forgot about it. It was bright yellow, had a soft plastic bit, and the bowl was a graphite insert. Looked cool, smoked like crap, gave it to a stoner.
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    The Joy of Pipe Smoking

    "Well of course it hurts! You're supposed to stick it in your mouth not your nose you moron."
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    Fold and Stuff Always Fails For Me

    I'd describe my flake packing technique as "scrunch and go". The folding business seems a bit too ritualistic and analretentive to me, and rubbing-out a flake between my hands...well, not sure what my palm-sweat and skin oil would add to the taste of the smoke but I'd rather not find out :D...
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    All My Pipes Smoke Hot

    The fact is, even if the tobacco has zero moisture, the greatest accumulation of tars occurs in the bottom dregs of the bowl. Now if you happen to like the taste of that burning crud, or simply don't mind getting the concentrated carcinogenic agents from it into yourself, then smoking to the...
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    New Savinelli Bing

    Think no more and just do it! Great guy to deal with, great pipe. Instant favorite. Light, perfectly balanced, just nothing negative to be said about it. Who's Scotty and how to see pic of his