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    Newbie from Michigan!

    I grew up in Battle Creek, MI and bought my first pipe there. Welcome to the group, if you like aromatics Corona Smoke Shop in Battle Creek has a house blend called Amanda’s Berries & Cream and it’s worth buying an ounce or two!
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    Am I Smoking Too Much?

    I smoke about once a week. My wife doesn’t like that I smoke at all and chewing tobacco is easier to use at work. So I usually only smoke on a weekend, when I want to relax. That seems like a lot, but if you are addicted to nicotine and this is the only way you consume it, that sounds about...
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    Negative Customer Psychology

    I usually just load up a cart and wait till I’ve accumulated the funds for it. I check it just about daily and reevaluate each and everything in the cart. Sometimes I end up just scrapping the whole purchase when I get the opportunity to make it. The Pipes and Cigars website usually clears my...
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    Let’s Talk About Bags… (Long Post)

    I’ll definitely check out the interview! They are super neat, I’ll have to start setting aside some money here and there for one!
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    Let’s Talk About Bags… (Long Post)

    What does SCooSA mean? And how much are they?
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    Pipes and Tobacco Magazine Rebirth?

    I have never even seen a magazine about pipes or tobacco. When I first started my journey into pipe smoking this was just the first forum I found that looked decent. There are a lot of other forums out there whose websites did not appeal to me. I would love to actually subscribe to any and all...
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    Which Pipe Material If You Had To Choose One

    Briar, but just for aesthetics! I can’t really pull off smoking cobs, although I do very much enjoy them. Briars just fit my style a more. Admittedly, this choice is essentially between three different materials as I’ve never smoked clay, meer, or any other woods than those MM wooden pipes...
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    8 Pipe Magnum Author Set

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    Do You Smoke Your Dottles?

    Always, however I don’t recommend it
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    What's Your Profession !!

    I’m an 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman (Mortarman). I use this really cool thing to shoot fireworks that ruin people’s days. It’s also not any cooler than it sounds.
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    First Timer

    Are you looking for tobacco recommendations for an online purchase or an in store purchase?
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    Your favourite Missouri meerschaum?

    Nothing gold can stay :!:
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2019)

    Father Dempsey in a bulldog/Rhodesian Stanwell. It’s my first tin of an English blend and I’ve very much been enjoying
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    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    I am curious to know what the other blends you’re smoking will be
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    New Watch, and Photos from Maine

    Beautiful! Both the watch and the view!