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  1. shaintiques

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa 2021!

    Oh and I like Virginia’s, vapers, or flakes.
  2. shaintiques

    Seller Offer

    Funny related story. I was in Chicago and me and a buyer were dickering over $5. He was planning on buying.a few pipes. Anyway. He said are you going to let me walk over $5. At the time I was thinking to myself yeah I just might as he was a bit rude. But I decided no I’ll drop $5 more. The funny...
  3. shaintiques

    My New Custom Huber

    This is my new @david.s.huber.pipes This was a custom order. I sent him a limited stem rod I picked up in Chicago and he graciously used it though I’d say it’s outside what he normally uses. I’ve wanted a Huber pipe for years. For me when I have a custom pipe made I like to have a good...
  4. shaintiques

    Going to the Back of the Cellar

    Tin of escudo from 2013. Amazing.
  5. shaintiques

    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    I’ve got my room booked. The Pipery will be there with The Piper Car Pipe Rest, lots of estates, and perhaps a new accessory that we have been working on!
  6. shaintiques

    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    I hope they find a new venue. I’m still planning to go, as long as they figure out the venue situation a month out it shouldn’t be a big deal to find a flight and hotel at a reasonable price.
  7. shaintiques

    New York Pipe Show 2020

    Anyone know any details? Date?
  8. shaintiques

    Someone Stole Two of My Pipes

    Have any pics of the pipes?
  9. shaintiques

    The Free Pipe Project 2019

    Looks like you just did. I don’t have any pipes available right now but next one I get I will let you know.
  10. shaintiques

    “The Piper” Mobile Pipe Rest and Ashtray

    Glad you like it! Hoping it will be the first of many pipe accessories we can bring to the hobby.
  11. shaintiques

    Emperor Classic 164 Project - Antique Shop Find.

    Nice find. That’s a beautiful little pipe.
  12. shaintiques

    Why Does a Pipe Smoke Hot?

    After considering your responses I’m thinking it must be the draw. It is a little more open than some of my other pipes. That is really the only thing that it could be.
  13. shaintiques

    First Time Reaming Any Advice.

    I ream a lot of pipes doing restoration. Here is a pic of my tools. The best tamer is the all metal one and the little old timer knife for light shaving. The trick is to go slow and straight. Avoid the rim so as to not cut into the wood. The senior reamer is good, but you tend to miss cake at...