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  1. sdcowboy

    Fargo Season 3?

    "Watched all 3 seasons. As a South Dakotan by rearing I can say " Yah, South Dakotans talk like those character much of the time, doncha know?" Last season ended in that shoot-out in Sioux Falls, S.D., my wife's home town." Irish, that might be true in eastern SD, but not here in Rapid City...
  2. sdcowboy

    Beer and Pipe Smoking

    Two of my favorite things...a beer and a pipe. I've never noticed an increase in tongue discomfort. I think it depends on the brew and smoking cadence more than the tobacco. Lighter lager beers tend to be a little bit more crisp on the palate than darker full-bodied beers. When enjoying a...
  3. sdcowboy

    How Do Your Animals React To Your Pipe?

    My dogs are indifferent, however my horses seem to enjoy the experience. I think they look forward to my being in a relaxed state when I climb on, and they end up being calmer as well. Riding a horse while smoking a pipe combines two of the best ways to relax and enjoy life. It's even better...
  4. sdcowboy

    Taking A Break

    I'm sorry that it came to this. I have also noticed a sharp change in the atmosphere lately. Decorum has fallen off a cliff somewhere.
  5. sdcowboy

    The "Tobacco Snobs" Thread That Got Closed

    As someone who does not post regularly but reads this forum nearly every day I can perhaps offer a point of view that some here might understand. This is a tough crowd. It can be intimidating similarly to the first visit to a new B&M where there are a group of “regulars” that aren’t always...
  6. sdcowboy

    Other than pipe smoking I like to...

    I like to break and train horses. Riding horses is a great way to keep you centered. It is also a great time to enjoy a pipe. I also like to hunt upland birds. In the summer we like to spend a lot of time camping here in the Black Hills. Usually we bring the horses along and spend as much of...
  7. sdcowboy

    Smoking Pipes and Picking Locks (What's your hobby?)

    I like to pair relaxing hobbies together with each other. I like to ride horses. I relaxes me a great deal. There's nothing more relaxing than smoking a pipe while riding a fine horse.
  8. sdcowboy

    Your Smoke in Pictures

    Two of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities are smoking a pipe and horseback riding. A Comoy Saddle Billiard filled with 1Q on a saddle! This is a shadow photo of me working with a young horse. It is important to stay relaxed when you are breaking and training horses. A pipe of...
  9. sdcowboy

    What's The Manliest Pipe Shape?

    I have to agree. I think the straight bulldog is the manliest looking pipe.
  10. sdcowboy

    Good Shops Near Reagan National?

    Old Virginia Tobacco Company has a store in the Pentagon City Mall. The mall has its own Metro station, so its easy to get there. I've been there several times, and its a great place.
  11. sdcowboy

    Hat Etiquette for Men

    Here is the etiquette that I try to practice regarding the wearing of a cowboy hat. I also don't judge anybody who deviates from this. Cowboy Hat Etiquette OK. As a general topic, this is an area of heated debate in some circles as etiquette, like any other human social interaction, changes...
  12. sdcowboy

    Pipes and gaming

    I really enjoy playing blackjack in the casinos while smoking a pipe.
  13. sdcowboy

    Top 4 favorite pipe styles?

    1. Straight Billiard 2. Straight Bulldog 3. Straight Poker 4. Canadian I guess I'm not a fan of bent pipes!
  14. sdcowboy

    Prayers For My Daughter

    Prayers and Blessings to you and your family. The Lord will watch over the surgeons as they work with God's healing gifts.